Why should Republicans show up to vote when only Democrats get to count ballots?

Not since the Great Train Robbery of 1963 has the world witnessed a heist this grand as Democrats attempt to install Joe Biden as president after massive election losses.

Many Republican leaders are caving, ready to accept defeat, even though their Democratic overlords refuse to even allow them to witness ballot counts all across the country.

If Republicans can’t find a backbone to insist unequivocally that they will not tolerate this highly irregular election process, why should their voters show up for any more elections?

An estimated 73,289,499 voters showed up to vote for President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Do these GOP leaders, who are content to ride Trump’s coattails only when it suits their political aims, expect the legions of Make America Great Again supporters to show up for them when they can’t stand up for him?

MAGA voters thumbed their noses at phony polls, fought against vicious attacks from Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs, Big Tech censorship and hateful media attacks to prop up the GOP. Not one Republican incumbent lost a House seat — in fact they gained 10 and a dozen races are still to be called.

Democrats are on track to have a single-digit House majority, the narrowest in two decades when the new Congress convenes in January, but they want Trump’s supporters to accept that the GOP “technically” lost the election because hundreds of thousands of ballots for Biden suddenly showed up from parts unknown.

Many of these Republicans feel the same way about MAGA and Trump as Democrats do — they think they are chumps. A lot of them are secretly sympathetic to Democratic policies, not Trump’s, even though the U.S. has turned into a formidable economic powerhouse under his leadership.

The Senate majority hangs in the balance as Democrats prepare for a showdown in Georgia over a runoff for two Senate seats in January while Republican ballot count observers have been shunned.

They were shivved by Republican Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who signed a consent agreement in March agreeing to “modify” procedures for processing absentee ballots in a settlement with the Democratic Party of Georgia, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Under the settlement Democrats added language requiring two additional reviewers to judge signature matching whenever a dispute arises, but Republican observers are not welcome.

Last Wednesday, Raffensperger announced a full hand recount of every single ballot that was submitted, “complete with a full audit and recanvas,” but only one credentialed GOP monitor was allowed for each ten counting tables, meaning they can’t really monitor anything.

The State of Georgia also approved the Carter Center, founded by Democratic ex-president Jimmy Carter, to monitor the recount, but will not allow Trump to do the same.

Trump’s legal team has 40 affidavits from election monitors in Michigan, including Democrats, who say the conditions for ballot counting at the Cobalt Arena in Detroit was a disaster.

No Republican was allowed to oversee any counting, according to his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. They literally threw the Republicans out, according to affidavits signed by the 29 people who were ejected.

In Pennsylvania, Republicans were also excluded from watching the count of about three hundred thousand ballots in the city of Philadelphia, Giuliani said.

If the GOP continues to allow its base to show up at the polls while watching Democrats nullify their ballots, there is no reason for them to vote, volunteer or contribute money anymore.

If MAGA doesn’t show up for the Georgia race, the GOP will lose the Senate majority, fail to win the House minority and lose the presidency in a shocking trifecta.