Why is Mueller championing quest to impeach Trump?

How did a man who is reportedly suffering from dementia become the face of the Democratic Party impeachment movement?

How could Robert Mueller III, who is so mentally and physically incapable, manage a special counsel investigation of the magnitude we witnessed?

How was he able to put on a facade of a tough, no-nonsense, impartial, eminently qualified, experienced prosecutor for over two-and-a-half years, without the public at large knowing that he could barely string two sentences together? It’s like an episode of the Sponge Bob cartoon, when a scary gorilla turns out to be little Mr. Crabs in a costume. People close to the investigation had to have known and they were engaged in a cover up. The question is why?

There is a stench of corruption emanating from the core of the Mueller investigation and the American public should be demanding answers. We were fed this malarkey from the halls of Washington and in the media every night.

Mueller was a willing participant in a scheme to take down the president with the use of a dossier of ‘intelligence’ he knew was phony.

He was willing to be the face of the investigation. He was willing to ignore all the malfeasance and heavy-handed behavior of the prosecutors toward President Donald Trump and his campaign. He was willing to ignore any association the Hillary Clinton campaign had with Russians and the dossier full of smears and lies.

He allowed a letter criticizing Attorney General William Barr’s summary of his findings to bear his name. He held a totally unnecessary May press conference for the sole purpose of aiding the Democrats in Congress with their push to impeach the president. Mueller is an integral part of the extra-judicial conviction of Trump on obstruction.

He keeps claiming that based on the evidence his team gathered he could not exonerate President Trump of accusations that he obstructed the investigation into Russian collusion. Yet he refused to make a decision and deferred to the attorney general who has already cleared the president. Why does Mueller keep muddling the findings of the investigation?

He could have avoided testifying before Congress. The Democrats were nakedly using his appearance to help change public opinion on impeachment. Barr offered to use Justice Department authority to protect him from the subpoena Democrats sent, but he rejected Barr’s assistance to avoid showing up so he could give maximum aid to the Democrats’ impeachment drive.

“It all depended on Mueller, his probity, his ethics, his reputation. And it turns out he was an absentee landlord when it came to his own investigation. Mueller must be held accountable. He went along for the ride. He saw what was going on,” said Tom Fitton on WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall with Mary Walter and Vince Coglianese.

“This was all a scam to begin with. They knew there was no collusion. They were fishing around and going after these individuals with what I consider to be low rent prosecutions for federal prosecutors to be pursuing,” said Fitton.

Attorney Joe diGenova said in an interview with Lou Dobbs on his Fox Business show recently: “Well, Jerry Nadler, the mumbler, is going to be questioning Bob Mueller, the cadaver. If you’ve watched Mueller, he barely functions. His testimony is going to be basically worthless. He may want to answer some of the questions and he may even try to go beyond the four corners.”

“The Democrats were trying mightily to revive the badly and irrevocably tarnished Witch Hunt Hoax until Mueller put on the biggest show of ineptitude and incompetence Congress has ever seen,” the president tweeted yesterday.

Mueller was supposedly appointed to bring fairness into an investigation that had taken a partisan turn. The public wanted a neutral prosecutor to look at the events leading up to the 2016 elections and call balls and strikes.

Mueller had no such intention. He became part of a conspiracy to cover up and ignore any evidence of wrong doing by the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign, while finding a way to cart Trump and as many of his associates off to jail as they could. This is truly one of the greatest political scandals of our generation.