Who will reign in lawless lawmakers?

Two powerful members of the Senate Democratic Caucus have now stepped up to boost House Democrats in their never ending march toward impeachment of President Donald Trump.

 The No. 3 Senate Democrat, Patty Murphy, from Washington, endorsed a formal inquiry on Sunday and by Monday she was joined by the No. 4 Senate Democrat, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan.

“I have felt for some time, I think it’s a responsibility that we have an inquiry,” Stabenow said in an interview.

 House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and other committee members signaled they were escalating their fight last Thursday when they asked a federal court to force the release of grand jury information from Mueller’s investigation.  They expect to find that missing smoking gun they can finally point at the president to add credibility to their baseless claims that he has committed crimes.

Democratic strategists are finding this new move toward an impeachment inquiry will do irreparable damage to Democrats’ 2020 election chances and hurt down ballot candidates in vulnerable districts.

“They should move on. Give up the prosecuting and investigating. Turn to issues like jobs, climate change, healthcare,” said Democratic political consultant Doug Schoen on Fox News’ The Sean Hannity Show on Friday.

Since the end of the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections, the House has become the prosecutorial division of the Democratic Party. Five committees in the House of Representatives have been preoccupied with finding evidence of wrongdoing by Trump and his administration.

 Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform; Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Ca.), chairman of the House Committee on Intelligence; Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; Rep. Richard Neal (D-Ma.), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee; and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Ca.), chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee have issued nearly one hundred subpoenas and more than one hundred requests for documents.

Last Thursday the House Oversight Committee voted to authorize subpoenas for personal emails and texts used for official business by top White House aides, including Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner.

Chairman Elijah Cummings said they had “direct evidence” that personal accounts were being used for official business, in violation of federal law and White House policy.

“When oversight becomes overtly partisan and dishonest, the overseers lose credibility with the American people and also with the intelligence community,” said David Kris, founder of Culper Partners. He was a former member of the board of advisers for the CIA and the National Security Agency.

“The resulting lack of trust provokes the question ‘Who watches the watchers?’ and also encourages intelligence agencies to be even more guarded and careful in responding to oversight requests, noted Kris.

Democratic pollster Mark Penn is warning that retaliatory investigations are becoming normalized. “Targeting political opponents through the legal and subpoena process after a massive investigation revealed no collusion undermines our democracy. It is a far greater threat to our country and its institutions than any ads on Facebook,” said Penn in a Fox News opinion article on Sunday.

Democrats have been focused on commandeering the intelligence agencies, Justice Department and FBI to exact retribution on political enemies, dig up dirt on the president and litigate the 2016 elections, trying to convince voters they were robbed.

They see impeachment as a way to keep Trump on the political ropes. Their abuse of power and perversion of our laws must stop before irreparable damage is done to our democracy.