Voters will not allow Democrats to bully their way into office

After failing to oust President Donald Trump through non-stop criminal investigations and impeachment, Democrats are now fixated on creating civil unrest in the country to drive the alleged racist from office. He signaled that he is not backing down to the mobs at his first rally since March in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday.

“Let’s see what radical far left Democrats will do to our country,” Trump said. “But Americans have watched left-wing radicals burn down buildings, loot businesses, destroy private property, injure hundreds of dedicated police officers. The police officers get injured. They don’t complain. They are incredible. And injure thousands upon thousands of people only to hear the radical fake news say what a beautiful rally it was,” he noted.

They have renewed their efforts to paint the president as a man who will do anything to attain and maintain power. Former Secretary of State John Kerry uttered the outrageous claim that Republicans are — wait for it — planning to steal the election, which would then spark a revolution.

“If people don’t have adequate access to the ballot, I mean that’s the stuff on which revolutions are built,” Kerry said during a virtual appearance at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit. “If you begin to deny people the capacity of your democracy to work, even the Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, we have an inherent right to challenge that. And I’m worried that increasingly, people are disaffected.”

Presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made a similar inflammatory claim recently that if Trump lost the election he would have to be driven out of the White House. Biden told Comedy Central’s The Daily Show host Trevor Noah he was “absolutely convinced” the military “will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.”

“It’s my greatest concern. My single greatest concern. This president is going to try to steal this election. This is a guy who said that all mail-in ballots are fraudulent,” Biden claimed.

Big Tech has stepped up its campaign to ban Trump ads and censor his content ahead of November through a coordinated and targeted political hit job while Democratic-Party-aligned mobs are working hard to spark an uprising against him with mass protests, tearing down statues and behaving in a menacing and threatening manner toward his supporters at public events.

They are caricaturing the president and his supporters as social pariahs who are being rejected by American “civil, mainstream” society who should be pushed off social media, shunned in public and tarnished by the news media establishment.

Protesters have captured and occupied several blocks of downtown Seattle with the complicit help of Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkin, sending a chilling message about what America could become if Democrats win in November. Efforts to create so-called autonomous zones in other cities have so far been thwarted thanks to strong intervention by law enforcement officials.

“The Seattle Democrat mayor and the Seattle democracy council surrendered control of six city blocks — they are anarchists, they are not protesters,” Trump told the crowd in Tulsa. 

“The unhinged left-wing mob is trying to vandalize our history, desecrate our beautiful monuments. Tear down our statues,” he said. 

All this is taking place against the backdrop of unprofessional, propagandist media players that spend all day and night skewing the news to gin up hatred and spin fake news against the president.

They were happy to support the righteous protesters who gathered by the thousands around the country to demonstrate against the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer, but flipped back to coronavirus virtue signaling as soon as the president announced his Tulsa campaign rally. Their concern for the spread of coronavirus is as fake as the so-called news they claim to produce.