Cuomo brothers’ clown show triggers CNN ratings tank

CNN never hesitates to crawl the sewer in its quest to garner ratings from a dwindling, traumatized audience.

Producers obviously bet big on the jocular antics of anchor Chris Cuomo and his side kick, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, only to witness a nearly 50% plunge in viewers for the 9 pm time slot.

Data from Nielsen Media Research confirms what disgusted viewers already suspected. Ratings for Cuomo Tonight plummeted 49 percent as viewers clicked away from the brothers’ sickening clown show.

CNN’ ratings have been dismal for an extended period of time. For the week of May 18-24 Fox News Channel led among the cable networks, averaging 3 million viewers in prime time. MSNBC had 1.8 million, while CNN only had 1.35 million. The Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight landed in the top twenty most watched shows on Tuesday with 4.31 million.

Cuomo’s ratings hit a sweet spot during the week of March 30 when he announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus and was isolating in his basement. He even trumped MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Fox News host Sean Hannity in the coveted 25-54 age demographic, with 862,000 daily viewers.

Cuomo’s ratings dropped 49 percent in the demo and 35 percent overall, while Maddow is down 17 percent in the demo and 7 percent overall. Hannity has dropped 38 percent in the demo and 12 percent overall.

After a series of brotherly antics, cringe-inducing jokes about childhood and an ill-timed coronavirus swabfest using giant props, Cuomo’s ratings dropped last week to an average of just 440,000 daily viewers in the demo.

Joking about the sizes of their noses while coronavirus was ravaging through New York’s nursing homes, killing elderly and vulnerable residents, proved to be a stinker with the audience.

He even dropped below Maddow in the demo last week for the first time since March 2. Maddow had 498,000 daily average viewers in the demo and Chris Cuomo had 355,000.

Cable news viewership was down overall in May but Cuomo’s show recorded the steepest decline, dropping below Maddow and Hannity.

The governor issued a damning March 25 order requiring New York’s nursing homes to accept 4,300 recovering coronavirus patients, and they could not refuse, turning them into hot spots.

The state Health Department even sanctioned the scrapping of a safety regulation requiring patients to test negative twice for COVID-19 before being placed in a home.

Cuomo was forced to reverse his decision on May 10, but by then New York was leading the nation in nursing home deaths.

New York’s health commissioner, Howard Zucker, is being accused of fudging the COVID-19 death statistics. Some health professionals estimate that the virus has killed at least 11,000 to 12,000 nursing-home and assisted-living residents, nearly double what the state is willing to admit.

Until late April, New York had reported all nursing-home residents who died from COVID-19, whether they died at the home or after being hospitalized. The state is being accused of covering up the true death statistics by fudging the numbers, reporting only deaths at the homes which reduces the number to 6,062.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association at least another 17,000 elder-care patients with COVID-19 were sent to hospitals, and an estimated 5,000 to 7,000 of them have died, with death rates highest for those on ventilators.