US election bosses in disputed states ‘poop’ on America’s democracy

Republican election monitors are being treated like unwanted outcasts in precincts all across the country. They were roughly ejected from key Democratic-controlled poll centers on election night and now they are being treated with aggression and indignity in precincts where election results are being disputed.

The Trump campaign filed for a limited recount of Milwaukee and Dane counties in Wisconsin, but election officials are extremely displeased and they are openly hostile to the GOP monitors.

 In Milwaukee County, GOP monitors were bestowed with poop emoji bands on Tuesday after passing through a health screening.

In a failed attempt to be funny and contemptuous, the Milwaukee County Clerk, George Christenson, quipped during a press conference, “I always thought it was chocolate ice cream, personally,” and dismissed it as a “non-issue.”

The hostile atmosphere is creating tension between the observers and law enforcement. Six observers were removed by sheriff’s deputies in the first four days of the recount, Christenson said.

Republican challenger Articia Bomer, who was stationed at Detroit’s TCF Center in Michigan on election night, swore in an affidavit that she witnessed a black, male poll worker making a “disturbing” statement.

 She overheard him telling another poll worker “this is our house tonight, right?” and the poll worker said ‘Yes,’ according to Bomer. He replied, “so from now on they’re going to do what we tell them to do.”

She described the poll workers as “very intimidating” and the other women who were sitting at her table found their behavior frightening.

She accused the poll workers of conspiring to get Republican poll watchers ejected: “they were definitely colluding to get us ejected but I, for my group, I kept on them hard. Do not talk to them. Do not act antagonistic, no matter what they do. We are here for a job and that is to challenge the polls, okay?” she swore in her affidavit.

 Twenty-nine Republican election monitors signed affidavits saying they were ejected from the TCF Center on the night of the presidential election.

Republicans in Pennsylvania were also excluded from watching the count of about three hundred thousand ballots in the city of Philadelphia.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission is also making it difficult for GOP monitors to see absentee ballot envelopes or ballots clearly as they are forced to sit several feet away because of “coronavirus” while poll workers freely interact in close proximity.

Election officials in Georgia also began a recount of votes in the presidential election Tuesday. They insist that it is impossible to allow GOP monitors to double-check absentee ballot signatures.

The Voter Integrity Project estimates that 20,312 people who no longer met residency requirements voted in the Georgia election. It has produced samples of voter addresses that were postal facilities, like USPS, FedEx and UPS, disguised as apartments.

Voting System Manager Gabriel Sterling said, “We can’t open investigations based on generalized, ‘we’re not happy with the outcome’ ” of the election. If somebody comes to us with specific evidence, we investigate that.”