Ukraine transcript release shuts down impeachment bash

Whenever President Donald Trump is overseas representing the US on the world stage, Democrats and the media are always trying to upstage him at home.

Their goal on Tuesday was to overshadow the president’s speech on nationalism, immigration and American sovereignty at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, speaking to rank-and-file Democrats in a closed-door meeting in the Capitol basement told them, “Right now, we have to strike while the iron is hot,” according to a source.

 The delusional media set the table for Trump’s Last Supper for their deranged audience. They were in a power-induced stupor as they celebrated the impending downfall of their ‘immoral’ president.

 “This is now the first line in his political obituary. He could be the third president impeached,” Jonathan Lemire, The Associated Press’ White House political reporter, told Nicolle Wallace, host of MSNBC’s Deadline Whitehouse.

 “He’s going to face days upon days where there isn’t going to be any other story… This is the United Nations General Assembly. This is a week that is traditionally dominated by international affairs and foreign policy. He delivered a big speech today. It was a pretty hardline warning on Iran today and none of that is breaking through. This is going to be the story for a while now. This could gravely wound the president next year, and he is then beaten by whoever he faces,” Lemire gloated.

Meanwhile resident party troll, Trump’s vanquished presidential rival former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, joined calls for his impeachment on Tuesday.  She told People Magazine Trump was “a reckless, corrupt human tornado.” It is baffling why she won’t gracefully step away from the spotlight. The intoxicating magnetism of the media is too much for her to resist.

On Wednesday came the shocking news that the transcript of President Trump’s July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, released by the White House, shows he asked the Ukraine leader to probe the Biden family dealings, but did not use military aid as leverage.

Fox News’ John Roberts spoke with Pelosi who claimed, “I haven’t seen it.” The House Speaker, sticking with her game plan, declared, “the fact is that the president of the United States, in breach of his constitutional responsibilities, has asked a foreign government to help his political campaign at the expense of our national security.”

Former CIA officer Brian Dean Wright spoke with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday saying: “The whole thing is a disaster. Pelosi launched the Titanic tonight into a gigantic iceberg in November 2020. We had up until now, yesterday, really the last couple weeks it was all Russia. As of later this morning it was Ukraine. This afternoon, Pelosi says “you know what, actually now that I know Trump is releasing the transcripts of the phone call, it’s not so much about Ukraine. It’s about other things to be identified.”

Democrats will move forward with impeachment because they have nothing left to lose. They were facing a fight over the presidency with aging, lackluster candidates. Now they are simply throwing all the nails they have in the road, hoping to send the Trump reelection motorcade off into a ditch. The Trump era has heralded some of the most vitriolic politics Americans have ever seen, and a political war is just about to erupt.