Trump’s unjust impeachment will leave poo stain on history

The Democratic Party’s case for impeaching President Donald Trump can be summed up pretty easily — “because we can.” Cue evil laugh.

Their impeachment steamroller is being driven by hatred. They hold a 234-seat majority in the House of Representatives and no one can stop them, even if they have absolutely no credible case on which to justify the use of such a monumental constitutional power. This is payback — pure and simple.

The president’s crime is that he is president. The voters who selected him as their leader are accessories to a crime that must be prosecuted, whatever the cost. Donald Trump must go down in history as an impeached president. That is the price he must pay.

They are now approaching the end of a third year, fruitlessly searching for a high crime or misdemeanor. The phone call Trump made to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky about former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter was used as a pretext to launch a so-called impeachment inquiry.

Democrats believe Trump abused his power for urging him to investigate Biden, one of their candidates for president for the 2020 election. He and his son were involved in questionable deals which raised Trump’s concerns. They claim Trump used $400 million in military aid as a quid pro quo, but there is no record of this in the declassified call transcript.

This was a legitimate use of presidential authority that may gall Democrats and career civil servants like Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who testified about his ‘concerns’ behind closed doors on Tuesday. Trump’s actions may constitute a departure from longstanding US foreign policy, but that is not an impeachable offence.

The president can chart a new course with our international partnerships. He ran on realigning our relationships with foreign countries with an ‘America First’ perspective and voters approved of his ideas. That’s why he won. Public officials that serve at the pleasure of the president do not have the authority to set foreign policy. That is the role of the president, elected by the people.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland (D-MD) said Tuesday, “Abuse of power, as Hamilton pointed out, was a high crime and misdemeanor.” What about impeaching a president as a foregone conclusion on a baseless case? This impeachment process has been in the works for months. Now Democrats are just trying to find some kind of rationale to finish the job — delivering a campaign promise to their voters.

Hoyer argued: “At some point in time obviously, we will conclude the information gathering phase and make a determination whether they rise to a place where no one is above the law.” Democrats have yet to point out a specific statute Trump has violated, so what law is Hoyer talking about?

They claim Trump has worked to obstruct their investigation by denying access to documents and subpoenaed witnesses. The only document relevant to this manufactured sham is the transcript of the phone call and Trump released that weeks ago. Trump can also exercise his executive privilege granted to him under the Constitution to block witnesses and documents. It is perverse to twist this into a nonsensical argument that such action is impeachable.

Former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw said Tuesday that Democrats don’t have “the goods” on Trump like they did when Richard Nixon was president, during an appearance on MSNBC.

“The smoking gun tape, the Oval Office tapes, that kind of hard evidence of criminality to bring down a president … is another whole other issue,” host Andrea Mitchell concurred.

In 1998 Independent Counsel Ken Starr’s report stated that President Clinton was “guilty” on 11 counts including perjury, which is a felony. If Democrats move forward with impeachment based on a non-existent case, it will be a poo stain on US history.