Trump clobbers opponents with $86M jackpot

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee continue to defy fundraising expectations after unprecedented attacks from the Democratic Party.

Campaign manager Brad Parscale reported that both committees raised more than $86 million, an intake of more than $3 million per day, for the entire month of February, making it the largest digital fundraising monthly total since 2016.

 “President Trump continues to build momentum as people keep responding to his success on behalf of all Americans,” Parscale said. “With this unprecedented support, the President and the RNC are assembling an unstoppable juggernaut focused like a laser on November.”

The campaign has raised more than $600 million since the start of 2019 and currently has more than $225 million cash on hand. The campaign has gathered more than 4 million voter contacts this cycle in conjunction with the RNC and authorized joint fundraising committees, Parscale noted.

“Our record breaking fundraising success month after month speaks to the incredible enthusiasm we’re seeing for President Trump, and is fueling the greatest ground operations and grassroots army in history,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Monday. “The contrast in 2020 couldn’t be clearer — a continued American boon under President Trump, or a complete government takeover of our lives under any of these 2020 socialist candidates.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign, whose candidacy has been wobbling from near death to resuscitation with life support, reported an intake of $18 million.

Last September Pascale told attendees at the California Republican Party’s fall convention, “We have turned the RNC into one of the largest data-gathering operations in United States history.”

He outlined the disadvantage Democrats are facing because they still do not have a nominee for President: “You cannot just build an app, or build out data, in the few months you have from the Convention,” Parscale said. “The Democrats will have that problem this time. As they all interfight, we are building for our future.”

The GOP’s hefty haul exceeded the amounts raised by any Democratic contender in the party’s nomination race, perhaps with the exception of Michael Bloomberg who is funding his candidacy with unlimited amounts of his personal wealth.

Advertising Analytics reported last Friday that he has been spending an average of $37.4 million on TV, radio and digital media every week since he announced his candidacy in November 2019, except for the week of Christmas.

He has spent $539 million on ads, “$201M more than President Obama’s 2012 campaign for president, which spent $338M,” according to the report.

Bloomberg told CBS’s 60 Minutes host Scott Pelley on Sunday, “I started watching and listening to the candidates and they had ideas that made no sense to me whatsoever,” convincing him he needed to enter the Democratic nomination race. “Donald Trump is going to eat them for lunch,” he said.

Republican fundraising dwarfed an impressive haul from the campaign of Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders who announced Sunday that his campaign had pulled in $46.5 million in February, breaking his own monthly fundraising record set in January by more than $20 million.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is challenging Sanders for the Democratic nomination, raised more than $29 million in February — also her best month, according to her campaign.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign, which has been wobbling from near death to resuscitation with life support, reported an intake of $18 million.