This is no longer about George Floyd or policing, says Portland PPA

As the Portland Police Association building on North Lombard Street stood covered in graffiti with ashes strewn on the floor from a fire set Saturday night, community leaders came together to urge protesters to end the violence.

PPA President Daryl Turner held a press conference Sunday afternoon proclaiming, “This is no longer about George Floyd; this is no longer about racial equity or social justice. This isn’t about reform, or the evolution of policing. This is about violence, rioting, destruction,” Turner said.

Several other speakers also took the podium asking for the violence to end, including Pastor J.W. Matt Hennessee from the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church.

“We want to work with you, and we ask for a moratorium, literally a moratorium on the streets to give us an opportunity to hear you. We want you to know we hear you. We understand there are issues you want to talk about,” Hennessee said.

In the weeks after protests erupted over police brutality and use of force after a black man, George Floyd, was killed by a white police officer in May, the discussion between Democrats and Republicans centered around police reform but not anymore.

Democratic leaders made the political decision that they would move to eliminate police through defunding. Now the party is cheering protesters on as they attack police, vandalize and loot public and private property, tear down statues and murder innocent children.

Protesters have been pointing lasers, throwing rocks and paint-filled balloons at Portland police officers, causing injuries, the police department said. One rioter even used a 16-inch sledgehammer to strike a police officer in the head and shoulder.

Left-wing prosecutors are now simply manning revolving doors, ushering protesters arrested by police in one way and releasing them quickly out the other way.

Instead of engaging with political opponents to bring and end to the violent and destructive demonstrations, Democrats are instigating anarchy. They are busy concocting elaborate narratives to justify the unjustifiable. This should not be a discussion about protesters’ rights any longer. Nearly two months have gone by since the death of Floyd.

It seems as if Democrats are more interested in creating social conditions that make our cities ungovernable simply to promote insurrection against President Donald Trump, the man they so despise and are convinced they will topple in November.

They complain endlessly about spreading coronavirus when pushing to shut down Trump rallies and Republican events, but on Monday night, as thousands marched together in Portland, none of them were expressing alarm about the lack of social distancing or the coronavirus death rate.

Will the Trump campaign bow to these two-faced leftists who have carved out a niche for protesters to spread COVID-19 while virtue signalling to everyone else to go on lockdown?

The truth is the nationwide protests are no longer about police brutality. They have turned into an insurrection wrapped in a thinly veiled disguise of ‘peaceful protests.’ These ‘peaceful protesters’ are using sledgehammers and incendiary devices to blow up our democracy.

We are witnessing one of the most violent election seasons Americans have seen in several generations. The Trump administration has two choices: buy the left-wing canard about peaceful protests which it is using as cover to destroy our cities and our way of life or respond with overwhelming force.