Tara Reade was silent because of vultures like Feinstein

Is there a special place in hell for Diane Feinstein? That’s where Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said “women who don’t help each other” go.

Maybe Albright should have been more specific when uttering this canard as she boldly attacked young women who didn’t support then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. This spot in hell is apparently reserved only for women who don’t support Democrats.

Feinstein viciously attacked a former staffer of presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday about her allegation that he sexually assaulted her in the spring of 1993 when he served as senator from Delaware.

She discredited and dehumanized Tara Reade as “this person” who “came out of nowhere,” calling her allegations “absolutely ridiculous.”

Capitol Hill reporters challenged Feinstein on the dismissive manner with which Democrats are reacting to Reade’s claims in contrast to the all-out war they waged against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when he was accused of assault by several women in 2019.

“Kavanaugh was under the harshest inspection that we give people over a substantial period of time,” Feinstein told CNN on Thursday. “And I don’t know this person at all [Reade] who has made the allegations [against Biden]. She came out of nowhere. Where has she been all these years? He was vice president.”

The women who accused Kavanaugh of sexually harassing and assaulting them in the 1980s couldn’t even prove that they knew him. The people who were present at the parties and events where the alleged acts took place could not corroborate their stories, but that didn’t seem to concern Feinstein at all.

She is one of several high-profile women in the Democratic Party who are standing with Biden, including senators Kamala Harris of California, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Amy Klobuchar of New York, and Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.

These women recently suspended their presidential campaigns and Biden has indicated he intends to choose a woman to join him as vice presidential candidate. Does their complicity have anything to do with the power he wields in the party as the presumptive nominee for president? Are they selling out Reade for a coveted, historic spot on the ticket in November?

“He answered questions directly and has been open and transparent with the American people, and I am proud to be supporting him,” Klobuchar said Tuesday in a prepared statement.

The contemporaneous evidence that Biden’s interactions with Reade were toxic and traumatic are mounting. It is striking and curious that no one from Biden’s office remembers anything about Reade’s alleged complaint.

The New York Times interviewed dozens of former Senate staffers in April, including some that worked in Biden’s office at the same time as Reade. They have no recollection of any incidents and cannot verify her report that she filed a complaint.

Intrepid journalists have been digging up evidence from the 1990s indicating she was complaining to those around her and exhibiting signs of mental anguish.

Associates and friends have corroborated her allegations of harassment and a recording of her mother calling the Larry King Show in 1993 has surfaced. She complained to King about problems her daughter was having with a ‘prominent senator.’

A court document filed by her ex-husband, dated March 25, 1996, confirms that Reade told him she was sexually harassed while working for Biden in 1993.

Theodore Dronen was contesting a restraining order she filed against him days after he filed for divorce, according to California Superior Court records.

The declaration does not name Biden as the perpetrator and it does not mention Reade’s more recent allegation that he put his hand up her skirt and penetrated her vagina with his fingers in a hallway in the Capitol against her will.

Dronen wrote that Reade told him about “a problem she was having at work regarding sexual harassment, in U.S. Senator Joe Biden’s office.”

He testified that he met her in the spring of 1993 while the two worked for separate members of Congress in Washington, D.C. At the time of her divorce, she worked for then-state Sen. Jack O’Connell who represented California’s Central Coast.

Reade told him she “eventually struck a deal with the chief of staff of the Senator’s office and left her position.”

“It was obvious that this event had a very traumatic effect on (Reade), and that she is still sensitive and effected (sic) by it today,” Dronen wrote.

Biden’s former chief of staff at the time, Ted Kaufman, responded to the report claiming, “I have consistently said what is the truth here — that she never came to me. I do not remember her, and had she come to me in any of these circumstances, I would remember her. But I do not, because she did not,” Kaufman said.

Biden continues to deny the allegations, telling MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski last Friday, “No, it’s not true. I’m saying unequivocally it never, never happened. And it didn’t.”