Tapper dutifully tap dances for Democratic master Jill Biden

CNN’s Jake Tapper seems to have lost the last vestiges of the self respect he once had when he at least attempted to be a practicing journalist.

He is now forced to kiss the feet of his Democratic Party masters in this new political era when media slaves are expected to repeat talking points and keep their opinions to themselves. If he dares to forget his place and ask tough questions he will be reprimanded and forced to grovel in shame for the whole country to see.

It was an embarrassing spectacle to watch as he whimpered pusillanimously and bowed dutifully to the demands of Dr. Jill Biden on State of the Union last Sunday, the show he supposedly hosts.

The cringe-inducing exchange began when Tapper had the cojones to ask about the mental capacity and numerous public gaffes of her husband, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

TAPPER: Your husband has been known to make the occasional gaffe.

BIDEN: Oh, you can’t even go there. You can — after Donald Trump, you cannot even say the word gaffe.

TAPPER: Well, that’s what I want — I can’t even say the word gaffe?

BIDEN: It is — nope

TAPPER: But you…BIDEN: Nope. Done. It’s gone.

TAPPER: The gaffe issue is over because…

BIDEN: Over, so over.

So Biden’s many garbled pronouncements don’t matter because ― Donald Trump?

Tapper quickly acquiesced and moved on to their mutual target ― the president.

Where was the bravado Tapper exuded just one Sunday ago when he abruptly ended an interview with White House trade adviser Peter Navarro following a tense exchange about Trump’s decision to initially downplay the threat of coronavirus?

“He was misleading the public. Why?” Tapper asked Navarro, who annoyed the host by proceeding to praise the president’s pandemic response.

“You’re not answering my question, Peter,” Tapper interrupted. “The question is about ― you’re talking about what you were doing privately.”

A lot of crosstalk ensued during which Navarro accused Tapper of repeatedly interrupting him and Tapper accused Navarro of refusing to answer his question.

TAPPER: Why wasn’t the president straightforward with the American people?

NAVARRO: He was straightforward.

TAPPER: No, he wasn’t. … Just answer the question. It’s a very basic question. … He was not honest with the American people. You’re not answering the question ―

NAVARRO: You’re wrong. You’re not honest with the American people. CNN is not honest with the American people. CNN ― you wanna go there?

TAPPER: I said you’re not answering the question. Here’s the thing. Thank you, Peter Navarro. We just played tape ― you didn’t answer the question.

NAVARRO: You can’t say that. I answered the question repeatedly. You just didn’t like the answer.

Tapper ran out of patience and ended the interview in a huff.

CNN has notoriously swaddled former vice president Joe Biden since he began running for president in 2019 while unceremoniously thumping Trump.

They ignore Biden’s many real scandal, mounting a virtual wall of silence around his shady business deals in Ukraine and China, while running unsubstantiated claims and hoaxes about the president night and day.

Unfreedom of the Press author Mark Levin said last June, “The media wont self police. There is no circumspection, there is no consideration, there is no shame, and there are really no standards left. So its up to us, we the people to take a look at them.”

The Media Research Center reviewed all evening news coverage of this year’s presidential candidates from August 1 through September 15 and revealed its findings on Tuesday.

It recorded 389 negative statements about the President, which was 25 times more than the 15 it recorded about Biden. The American media are no longer watchdogs over the powerful, unless they are perceived as political enemies.