Swamp cancels votes of Trump’s supporters in 2020 election

Supporters of President Donald Trump have been the targets of ‘cancel culture’ for several years but they never dreamed the day would come when their votes would be cancelled too.

Crafty and ruthless Democrats were fully aware that the electoral winds were blowing in Trump’s direction as November 3 approached and voters recoiled in horror from Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots and violence.

Deplorables were already being cancelled in the news media, popular culture and social media, so why not cancel their votes with fake ballots? It was the natural progression in thinking from an establishment that held the president and anyone who supported him in contempt.

Surely the Democratic Party’s internal polls picked up Trump’s growing support among blacks and Latinos. They knew that electoral Armageddon was about to be unleashed that would raze the images of the party, its fake journalists as well as pollsters that had been predicting a blue wave.

In a brazen attempt at self preservation and a naked power grab they carefully laid plans to subvert Trump’s victory. They selected the five cities where their Democratic colluders were entrenched and blatantly subverted Republican oversight, knowing that the GOP-controlled legislatures would fall in line and judges would give them cover.

Their media partners virtually cancelled any news on the overwhelming prima facie evidence of voter fraud, except to refute any claims as “unsubstantiated.”

Democrats believed their hatred for Trump would bring them sweeping victories across the country. To their chagrin it was Trump’s supporters who showed up, especially in rural areas, while Joe Biden had no coattails at all.

Republicans have already flipped 11 seats in the House of Representatives, netting eight and they are anticipating several more wins in races where they currently hold leads.

Democrats are expected to control just 222 seats next year — the smallest House majority in decades.

They also lost tens of millions of dollars on Senate candidates who lost by double-digits. Republicans will have at least 50 seats in the Senate, while Democrats currently have 48.

Democrats are clinging to the hope that they will pick up the two remaining Senate seats in Georgia’s January 5 run-offs.

They are trying to sell the hoax that voters rejected Trump at the top of the ticket while Republicans crushed Democrats in House and Senate races.

Republican election monitors have still not properly inspected hundreds of thousands of “Biden only’ ballots which appeared out of nowhere in the days following the election.

Their protestations do not change the fact that twenty-nine Republican election monitors signed affidavits saying they were ejected from the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan on the night of the presidential election.

Republicans in Pennsylvania were also excluded from watching the count of about three hundred thousand ballots in the city of Philadelphia.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission hampered GOP monitors from seeing absentee ballot envelopes or ballots clearly as they were forced to sit several feet away because of “coronavirus” while poll workers freely interacted in close proximity.

Election officials in Georgia have refused to allow GOP monitors to double-check absentee ballot signatures.

In an attempt at gaslighting, Vanderbilt University Professor Michael Eric Dyson said Sunday that President Donald Trump’s election fraud claims are racist dog-whistles on NBC’s Meet the Press with host Chuck Todd.

“He’s attacking Detroit: 79 percent black. He’s attacking Atlanta: 52 percent black, he’s attacking Philadelphia: 42 percent black, he’s attacking Milwaukee: 39 percent black,” Dyson said.

Democrats have wrapped themselves in robes of racial righteousness in an attempt to excuse and justify all the wrongs they have perpetrated against Trump and his supporters.

 We now live in a society where half the country believes it is acceptable to do whatever it takes to crush your opponent. They bend and break laws and rules at their will for political expedience.

The president vowed to “use125%” of his energy to expose voter fraud and reclaim his White House victory from Biden on Fox Business Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures with host Maria Bartiromo.

 “We got 74 million votes. He did not get anywhere near 80. And that’s 74 before they threw away. You know they threw away ballots. They threw away many Trump ballots. That’s the easiest way they could cheat. We got 74 million votes. He didn’t get anywhere near 80 million votes,” Trump said.