‘Peaceful protesters’ butchering pigs for props

Intrepid journalist Andy Ngo tweeted a video on Friday of a pig head dressed in a police hat on an American flag that so-called peaceful protesters in Oregon lit on fire outside the Justice Center in downtown Portland.

He also reported that when the riots first began in early June anti-police protesters took a pig downtown to slaughter it but it escaped and was saved by police officers.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been targeting the Justice Center for weeks, threatening and injuring police, inmates and employees inside. They also started fires in buildings with people inside, bolting emergency doors to prevent them from escaping.

Mayor Ted Wheeler and the liberal media painted a completely different portrait of the violent pig burning.  He tweeted Friday night, “Portlanders committed to peaceful demonstrations amplified their energy, asserted their collective voice and reclaimed the space that has been a staging ground for violence, to share their powerful message of reformative justice. Thank you!”

“Let’s now begin looking to the future and move forward together to do the important work of ensuring transformative change, economic recovery and the restoration of our beautiful, inclusive and vibrant city,” he added.

Associated Press reporters Sara Cline and Gillian Flaccus noted that, “The fence that has separated protesters and U.S. agents stationed at the courthouse was decorated with balloons and upside down American flags sewn together with “BLM” painted across, an apparent reference to the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“At one point in the night a small firework was shot over the fence. As it sizzled out on its own, protesters pleaded with others to remain peaceful. Later, a few small fires were occasionally started outside the courthouse, with at least one put out by other protesters,“ they wrote.

Pig heads have become a repulsive prop at George Floyd protests which erupted around the country after a white Minneapolis police officer was seen on video kneeling on Floyd’s neck while he was handcuffed. He was complaining that he could not breathe and died in police custody on May 25.

A protester was photographed holding up a pig’s head in the direction of Minneapolis police officers behind a barricade in the parking lot outside the police department’s 3rd Precinct office two days later.

A bloody, severed pig head on a spike was also placed outside of a Los Angeles police station. The ominous threat was leaned up against the “police” sign outside the Rampart station on June 9.

In Kansas City, Missouri protesters have hit police with frozen water bottles, rocks, fireworks and even Molotov cocktails, but the most disconcerting weapons have been pig heads.

One was thrown at police on the Country Club Plaza during a rally on June 4 and another was thrown at police headquarters. KCTV5 reporter Angie Ricono talked with police at the rally about the strain the strange projectiles were posing for officers.

“It can be challenging,” said Sergeant Jake Becchina with the KCPD. “I mean, you are standing face to face with people who are hurling insults at you. At one point in time, I know almost every officer had been struck by some item thrown at them,” he said.