Obama gins up hatred for Trump, Republicans

Former President Barack Obama, aided and abetted by a complicit media, has been the mastermind and cheerleader of a massive campaign of hate against President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) and other Republicans in Congress have also been questioning Obama’s role in starting the counterintelligence probe into Trump’s team and Russia which led to special counsel Robert Mueller’s criminal investigation.

Democrats have done everything possible to divide Republicans by campaigning to make Trump a pariah. They have tried to tarnish him as a racist, misogynist and white supremacist sympathizer who is destroying the party from the inside.

Yesterday Obama again led a full frontal assault on Trump, as he has done on numerous occasions. He has repeatedly broken with a time honored tradition of maintaining civility among former presidents. In a Tuesday posting to his Twitter account, Obama said both he and former first lady Michelle Obama were grieving with the families in El Paso and Dayton after mass shootings that left at least 31 people dead.

He could have just concluded his statement and gone back to find something productive to do with his post-presidential life. Instead he launched a veiled attack at President Trump:

 “We should soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred and normalizes racist sentiments; leaders who demonize those who don’t look like us, or suggest that other people, including immigrants, threaten our way of life, or refer to other people as sub-human, or imply that America belongs to just one certain type of people.”

 His poorly written statement reflected narratives Democratic surrogates have been parroting since the shootings.

In response Trump tweeted on Tuesday: “‘Did George Bush ever condemn President Obama after Sandy Hook? President Obama had 32 mass shootings during his reign. Not many people said Obama is out of control.”

Will we hear Obama reject the widespread hatred and violence being spread from within the ranks of his own party?

 On Monday night ailing Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell came under attack from a group of left wing anti-gun protesters who converged on his house in Louisville Kentucky, according to reports from local TV station WLKY. McConnell is currently recovering from a fractured shoulder he suffered over the weekend. They also hurled insults at his wife, Elaine Chao, the US Secretary of Transportation.

Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra posted a video of a protester yelling: “F*ck yo neck, b*tch. … Must be nice to have healthcare, b*tch. … Murder Turtle! Murder Turtle! Murder Turtle! … Thoughts and prayers, b*tch. … F*ck yo thoughts and prayers … F*ck you, f*ck yo wife, f*ck everything you stand for.”

Among the profane invectives shouted by the gathering were “F*ck Mitch,” and “No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA!” One protestor begged, “just stab the motherf*cker in the heart please.”

Hours before her January swearing-in ceremony, newly elected Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), the first Palestinian-American woman in Congress, said “we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherf*cker!” in reference to Trump at a Move On event in Washington, D.C.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) in a speech at a June rally in Los Angeles, CA encouraged her supporters to harass Trump administration officials. She urged the crowd: “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

 Obama and the media have not been directing their firepower toward the seething cauldron full of haters that now dominate the discourse in the party.

Occasionally a commentator or two may deliver a slap on the wrist or a mild rebuke after these Democrats make news, then they quickly move on to target Republicans, especially their favorite, Trump. There has been no sustained, multimedia-platform propaganda campaign urging Democrats to refrain from their poisonous attacks. Some have even embraced this behavior as necessary to confront the president, their mortal enemy.

 In Portland, Oregon during a June 29 protest, members of left wing group Antifa violently assaulted conservative journalist Andy Ngo. Masked militants from the group were also allowed to freely roam the streets and commit violence using sticks, pepper spray and milkshakes that may have been mixed with cement. Several people were sent to the hospital with serious injuries. Ngo reportedly suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the media have not been strident in any public statements condemning the attack. They have been too busy laying the groundwork for a baseless impeachment of the president without just cause.

If Democrats are truly concerned about hate, they should openly and publicly speak out against the ugly rhetoric coming from their own leaders and supporters. The media should stop aligning with them to promote attacks on Republicans while camouflaging and omitting acts of violence and reprehensible behavior perpetrated by Democrats. Anything less is odiously hypocritical and undermines the moral authority they claim to have to preach to the president.