Nadler, Schiff join forces in impeachment war

Two House committees have officially joined forces in the Democrats’ malevolent battle to build an impeachment case against President Donald Trump.

Historically impeachment proceedings have been led by the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Jerry Nadler (D-NY). In a move signifying the substantial hurdles and roadblocks his committee have encountered, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is coming to his aid. His committee is best suited to assist with the handling of classified information and grand jury material they hope to use to take down the president.

On Thursday the Judiciary Committee fired 2 more shots from their vaunted subpoena cannon. Their new targets are two former 2016 Trump campaign aides, former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former top White House aide Rick Dearborn. The committee is seeking details they may have regarding potential obstruction of justice by Trump, demanding public testimony on Sept. 17.

These new subpoenas were issued after DC District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell slapped down their efforts to put two key legal cases related to their investigation before the same judge.

 She sided with the Justice Department and former White House counsel Don McGahn in a Wednesday ruling that the Judiciary Committee’s lawsuit to enforce its subpoena of McGahn should not be connected to its petition to obtain former special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury materials.

 This was a major setback to the Committee in its effort to use the courts to obtain information. The House had claimed that its grand jury petition filed in July and its McGahn lawsuit are connected because they involved “common issues of fact” and were both part of the committee’s impeachment probe, but the judge was not convinced.

They are now targetting Lewandowski, hoping he can give them damning information on Trump. Although the president fired him in June, 2016, they have remained close. He has been assisting him as an outside adviser since his election and is openly considering a bid for a New Hampshire Senate seat.

He had no formal role in the White House and Democrats hope the president will have no legal authority to prevent him from testifying, unlike many previous witnesses thay have subpoenaed.

Lewandowski told Mueller that Trump directed him to tell then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he must constrain Mueller’s investigation or be fired. Lewandowski, at one point, asked Dearborn to deliver the message to Sessions instead, but Dearborn ultimately refused. He also described a second directive to pressure Sessions to limit Mueller’s scope to future election interference attempts.

 “Corey Lewandowski and Rick Dearborn were prominently featured in the special counsel’s description of President Trump’s efforts to obstruct justice by directing then-White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire the special counsel, and then by ordering him to lie about it,” Nadler said in a statement.

 The White House has threatened to assert executive privilege over the testimony. On Thursday Ted Liew (D-CA) appeared on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, asserting “They’re just making stuff up. They would have no basis to do that.”

The Polemicist Editor Jim Kavanaugh in a Thursday article for CounterPunch, “Dead Man’s Hand: The Impeachment Gambit” wrote:

 It just ain’t gonna happen, and everybody knows it. It’s not going to happen on the basis of the Mueller investigation, the Mueller Report, the Mueller testimony, or — the latest wall closing in — some bombshell testimony from Don McGahn…. (They) have not convinced even a handful of Republican legislators of that, let alone a critical mass of the public, and that there is zero chance of the Senate convicting and removing Trump for anything deriving from the Mueller investigation. That includes the “obstruction of justice” charge impeachment-hungry Democrats are trying to convince themselves is a winner, and they know it.”

Desperate Democrats are nowhere near ready to let go of impeachment as they cling to one deflated life raft after another. Some are even floating a renewed effort to use the 25th Amendment, convinced Trump is mentally unfit. It’s a sure sign they have no confidence any of their candidates for president can take out Trump at the ballot box.