Media double down to push Trump impeachment

The swashbuckling “Barbarians at the gate,” otherwise known as the media, have been praying for President Donald Trump’s impeachment for years. They have been helping the Democrats search relentlessly for a suitable crime, using the now concluded Mueller investigation and endless congressional probes.

 On Wednesday they were touting a Fox News poll claiming 51% of voters want Trump impeached and removed from office, and on Thursday they were rejoicing when C-SPAN released a new poll claiming 60% want the Electoral College abolished. Voters, according to the poll, believe former democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Al Gore would have won without it.

Never before have Americans witnessed a media establishment that was so hell bent on destroying a president in such an obsessive, Machiavellian way.

They have relentlessly criticized him for being a bully and a tyrant who stole his way into office through a rigged electoral process. They are hell bent on casting a shadow over Trump’s hotel empire as if it’s a criminal enterprise. They don’t care if they destroy him, his family and his associates or bring down his businesses. They certainly don’t care about the country or their own credibility.

As the 2020 election clock started ticking louder and louder it became clear they were running out of time. They were giddy with excitement when the intelligence community unveiled a brand new hoax using the Russia collusion blueprint. A ‘whistleblower’ had come forward with what they claimed was damning evidence that Trump was colluding with Ukrainians to steal the 2020 elections.

The whistleblower accused Trump of pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter for corruption, using military aid as leverage in a July 25 phone call, even though no evidence has surfaced corroborating their claims.

Jonathan Lemire, The Associated Press’ White House political reporter, could barely contain his glee.

 “This is now the first line in his political obituary. He could be the third president impeached, he told Nicolle Wallace, host of MSNBC’s Deadline Whitehouse last month.

 “He’s going to face days upon days where there isn’t going to be any other story. This is going to be the story for a while now. This could gravely wound the president next year, and he is then beaten by whoever he faces,” Lemire gloated.

 The White House released the transcript of the call on September 25 showing the president asked the Ukraine leader to probe the Biden family dealings, but did not use military aid as leverage. Career prosecutors in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department also examined the official record of the call and found no violation of law.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) unilaterally decided to start a ‘formal impeachment inquiry without a full House vote to probe Trump for public corruption. The media finally exhaled, knowing they had a new ‘Trump-is-a-criminal’ narrative that they could use to cook up an impeachment storyline.

If they buckled down, they could sell it to voters and create sensational coverage of the impeachment trial. It was a fake journalist’s dream come true. They could visualize their ratings rising and the ad revenue pouring in.

Fox News Channel’s Chad Pergram reported Monday, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced the House was initiating a formal impeachment probe in late September. And ever since, Washington devolved into a cycle of news reserved for the start of the Iraq war, 9/11, the impeachment of President Clinton and the start of the Gulf War. Squadrons of television cameras are parked outside the House Intelligence Committees – and will be for the near future as the House begins preparing its case to potentially impeach the President.”

Under Article II of the Constitution, the president is in charge of American foreign policy and can call for US officials to be investigated for alleged corruption.  The president has the authority to recognize foreign governments and conduct diplomacy with other countries. As commander-in-chief he is also empowered to use military force to collect foreign intelligence. The Impeachers had no leg to stand on.

As the new hoax unraveled it became clear it was just another pile of steaming opposition poo, but that never deters today’s media. They are convinced if they can find enough smart people, like intelligence analysts, political party surrogates and so-called veteran political pundits, they can make a proverbial silk purse from a sow’s ear.

Conservative radio host Mark Levin, author of Unfreedom of the Press, lambasted the media earlier this month for their naked partisanship and non-stop coverage, aimed at reinterpreting a plainly written transcript disproving the Democrats’ accusations.

 “Gee, we have the letter, and we have the transcripts, and all I get are reporters trying to tell me what the transcript says as opposed to what I read with my own eyes and telling me it’s the offense of the century that the president of the United States dares to mention something that’s in the American newspapers to the Ukrainian president. He doesn’t say, “Get Biden.” He doesn’t say, “I’m digging up dirt on Biden.” He doesn’t say, “Do me a favor and get Biden.” He says, “Why don’t you talk to my attorney general, look into this. People have questions,” Levin argued.

So on and on the media go, carrying their sludge-filled water for Democrats, credibility be damned. For them it will all be worth it one day when Donald Trump is finally forced out of the White House, hopefully in handcuffs.