Maddow bears brunt of blame for Russiagate debacle

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s fall from grace has been dramatic since the release of the Mueller report.

Maddow is a card-carrying member of the Russiagate collusion hoax fraternity. The New York Post compiled a “Mueller Madness” bracket mocking Trump critics and network nutcases. Maddow was the top-seeded cable news figure.

She was attracting an audience of 2.6 million viewers, on average, as the collusion narrative rose to fever pitch earlier this year. When former special counsel Robert Mueller III’s investigation concluded in March with no indictments for President Donald Trump, their main target, her massive congregation plummeted.

On the night of March 22, when Attorney General William Barr read the four-page summary of the investigation, Maddow, with moist eyes, infamously said it was the “start of something apparently, not the end of something.”

Her audience thought otherwise. Maddow’s average viewership numbers had put her in third place in the cable news prime time race behind Fox News’ Hannity and Tucker Carlson Tonight.

The Monday after the probe ended, they started clicking off their TVs. Her numbers dropped by 500,000 to 2.5 million, then dipped to 2.3 million on Tuesday, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Maddow’s ratings for the month of May were the lowest in the key 25-54 demographic since President Trump took office in 2017.

Her show averaged 410,000 viewers in the demo. The ratings were the lowest in that demographic since January 2017 when the show averaged 412,000 demo viewers.

The once respected host of The Rachel Maddow Show used to be a trusted source of news among progressive voters. Since the rise of President Donald Trump to power she has become a support blanket for The Resistance, spreading hate instead of hope.

Her brand is now so unpalatable that The New York Times has banned its reporters from appearing on her show, saying it is too partisan, a huge blow to her credibility. Maddow is in too deep and it seems she just can’t save herself.

Mueller was expected to ‘breathe life’ into his report last Wednesday through his testimony before the House and Intelligence committees. Democrats and the media hoped to resurrect the dead horse of the Russia hoax. That effort turned out to be an epic failure, as the aged Mueller fumbled and mumbled, unearthing no new leads for Trump’s haters to pursue.

Maddow’s testimony extravaganza turned into an unprecedented debacle, but she continued to tout her self-righteous crusade:
“I have been looking forward to be on TV tonight in a way I almost never am on any other day. But this is – I’m always glad for my job. I love my job.  It`s the greatest job on the face of the Earth.”

The tireless talk show host was soldiering on, clinging to her conviction that Trump is a Russian stooge and criminal.

“If you have behaved in an unethical, unpatriotic, wrong, potentially criminal manner, when it comes to another country, that’s not just gross.  That’s not just a dismaying thing that somebody might say about you.  If you have done that, it means that you are compromised by that foreign power.  They can use what they know about you, they can expose your wrongdoing and extort you.  You’re compromised,” she preached.

Thursday night she was back to reciting chapter and verse of the Democratic spin of the Mueller report:

“… as blunt as Mueller was in explaining how members of the Trump campaign and the president himself were compromised by Russia or might have been compromised by Russia because of their secret dealings with the Russian government which Russia knew about and they could leverage to compromise these folks, and extort things from them and put national security at risk, as blunt as he unexpectedly was about those things, Mueller also said repeatedly that although those were huge risks and they did observe all the elements of compromise and potential blackmail there, it actually wasn’t something that his team actually worked on.”

What? Then what was his team working on? This just reveals how incoherent her show has become because of her insistence on clinging to this hoax. The report clearly stated that the investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Whatever Mueller mumbled at the hearing is irrelevant.

Krystal Ball, co-host of a show on The Hill TV, and former MSNBC host, trained her guns on Maddow. MSNBC canceled Ball’s boring show The Cycle back in 2015. She was part of an ensemble that included Abby Huntsman and Ari Melber.

On her Wednesday show, Rising with the Hill’s Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, Ball asked: “Just how much damage has MSNBC in particular done to the left? Rachel Maddow, you’ve got some explaining to do.”

It’s odd that Ball is speaking out now, after almost three years of non-stop Russia coverage on the network. Maybe because she, like all the other so-called journalists who despise the president, were hoping their viewers were too stupid to analyze facts for themselves. They all rejoiced as they basked in the ratings bubble the Russia hoax reaped.

She then proceeded to repeat the hoax’s well known mantras: “The president’s team clearly sought to work with Russia. They used Russian illegal activity to their own benefit, and then they lied about the whole mess.”

“In many ways, Trump really is the crook that we said all along,” she said. “But by trying to make the spectacular case, we set the bar unimaginably high and made Trump’s actual corruption, broken promises and casual cruelty seem ordinary by comparison. Now please, as I’ve said before — can we move the heck on?”

Why is she only attacking Maddow, though? What about The New York Times that has repeatedly pushed a graph of Trump’s “more than 100 contacts with Russian nationals?” MSNBC’s Joy Reid is equally religious in her collusion fervor.

Most mainstream journalists have been feeding at the Russiagate trough and they have no shame. There have been precious few corrections to the reams of newsprint and hours of cable news filled with lies and cooked up conspiracy theories. Don’t expect a reckoning any time soon.