Looters fronting as ‘peaceful protesters’ turn on lax Chicago lawmakers

The mobs are turning on Chicago and Mayor Lori Lightfoot is finally piping up about the “assault on our city” after a night of rampaging and looting in the downtown business district.

Both Lightfoot and Chicago Police Supt. David Brown blamed Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx for the lawlessness. She declined to prosecute looters when protests erupted in May and June. Lightfoot has endorsed Foxx for reelection.

Foxx dismissed more than 25,000 felony cases — including many involving charges of murder and other serious crimes — in her first three years on the job, according to a new report.  She infamously dropped sixteen counts of felony disorderly conduct charges against actor Jussie Smollett last March for a hate hoax after speaking to his relative and a onetime aide of former first lady Michelle Obama.

“Car caravans” of looters were raring to go at the first sign of a civil disturbance and they got their opportunity on Sunday night.

Social media lit up with rumors that police shot an unarmed teenage boy in Englewood earlier in the day, but the perpetrator was an armed 20-year-old man who fired on police.

Protesters began to organize at the scene and looters simultaneously descended on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Gold Coast and Irving North neighborhoods and neighboring commercial districts.

Two people were shot, more than 100 people arrested and 13 officers were injured during a widespread, coordinated attack as dozens of stores, banks and other businesses were looted. The Chicago Police Department was forced to suspend CTA service, close roads and raise downtown bridges.

 Former Bears player Patrick Mannelly told CBS 2 he witnessed the looting from his high-rise condo and saw cars driving up to a U-Haul truck and putting stolen goods into the trailer.

Police said the looters smashed the windows of dozens of businesses, stole merchandise, cash machines and anything that was not nailed down.

Lightfoot said last month people have a “sacred right” to peacefully protest in the United States, as she supported a demonstration at the Columbus statue “to really uplift the stories of indigenous people here in Chicago.” During the protest  49 officers were injured, including 18 who were sent to hospitals for their injuries.

“We are coming for you,” Lightfoot warned at a press conference Monday with Supt. Brown. “We are waking up in shock this morning,” she said.

“These individuals engaged in what can only be described as brazen and extensive criminal looting and destruction. And to be clear, this had nothing to do with legitimate, protected First Amendment expression.”

“We are not going to let our city be taken over by criminals and vigilantes,” Lightfoot declared.

Brown told reporters “tempers flared fueled by misinformation as the afternoon turned into the evening.”

“CPD became aware of several social media posts encouraging looting downtown,” Brown said. Although the police department dispatched roughly 400 officers to the region they could not contain the mayhem that ensued.

“This was not an organized protest, rather this was an incident of pure criminality,” Brown added. “This was an act of violence against our police officers and against our city.”

Michael Doran, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute tweeted Monday, “The peaceful protests in Chicago last night generated much needed work for clean up crews & bankruptcy lawyers. Grateful communities express their thanks to Mayor Lightfoot for this boost to the economy, & for developing an exciting new model of policing.”

Over the weekend 40 people were shot, 4 fatally, as gun violence continues to surge unabated in the city. President Donald Trump has sent federal agents to assist Chicago law enforcement officials to contain the situation.

Lightfoot, speaking with Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker told reporters: “We both believe this is not an incident that requires the National Guard. We do not need federal troops in Chicago. Period. Full stop.”

The city will implement a restricted access plan for downtown starting Monday night, and effective until further notice. A curfew will be implemented from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.