Liberal elites chase Black Lives Matter out Beverly Hills

It only took a few hours for police in Beverly Hills, California to dispense with Black Lives Matter protesters Friday, a striking contrast to the 58-day standoff with federal agents currently underway in Portand, Oregon.

Beverly Hills banned most nighttime gatherings of at least 10 or more people on residential streets and other public places in residential areas in response to two protests that “disrupted the tranquility” of the ultra-wealthy. Violating the June 13 order is punishable as a misdemeanor under the Beverly Hills Municipal Code.

CBS Los Angeles reported Friday that 24 protesters were arrested in Beverly Hills for failure to disperse and alleged assault on a police officer after attempting to take over the streets in the notoriously liberal enclave. An armored vehicle and a chopper moved in quickly as they attempted to block Santa Monica Blvd.

The demonstration was organized by the Black Future Project, an organization demanding that “all schools in LA County receive equitable access to educational funding regardless of their” ZIP code, according to the group’s Instagram account. It was also protesting the city’s indefinite curfew.

Marchers were asked to bring any past citations and destroy them at the march to protest the “unjust arrests.” Protesters were also encouraged to carry signs with slogans saying, “I’m protesting because 70% of students involved in ‘in-school arrests’ are black and Latino.” They were advised not to throw anything at police, start fires, or bring lasers.

About 75 demonstrators marched east on Santa Monica Boulevard from Moreno Drive around 8 p.m. At 8:15 p.m. protesters sat on the street on Santa Monica Boulevard at Linden Drive, blocking traffic in both directions, according to police. By 9 p.m. local time there had been at least five arrests.

Conservative actor James Woods wrote on Twitter, “The mob is trying to disrupt Beverly Hills tonight. Fortunately we have a local government that will not let the slightest bit of misbehavior go unchecked. The thugs are being effective[ly] sheephearded back to where somebody cares about their nonsense,” Woods wrote.

Protesters have attempted to take over the city several times in recent months. On June 12 several protesters entered a residential neighborhood with bullhorns and amplified music. The protest was conducted by the group Occupy Beverly Hills. It began at 10 p.m. and continued until approximately 1 a.m.

Police fired tear gas and a sonic boom at protesters and the city decided to enact an indefinite curfew. The proclamation was issued by City Manager George Chavez in his role as director of emergency services.

About 100 protesters staged another standoff on June 27 by sitting at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and North Rexford Drive. Police declared their actions a violation of the curfew, and 28 protesters were arrested. Many of them were held for up to 18 hours.

Beverly Hills spokesperson Keith Sterling said that officers gave the crowd multiple disperse orders, and the crowd did not comply. Some demonstrators were observed sitting or laying on the street and refusing to get up, according to KTLA.

The protest dispersed after 9 p.m., according to Beverly Hills police and 28 demonstrators were arrested. The arrests, mostly for unlawful assembly, were made about 1 a.m. and included one suspect being arrested on suspicion of arson, said Beverly Hills Police Sergeant Thomas West.

While Hollywood’s richest and most powerful cheer on the vandalism, looting destruction and violence Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other groups have wrought in America’s urban cities, they are not permitted to bring their chaos to Beverly Hills. Celebrity Beverly Hills residents include outspoken liberal activists like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Legend stated that he and Teigen would be donating to The Bail Project, the National Lawyers Guild, and Movement For Black Lives. DeGeneres announced that she would be donating to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Black Lives Matter, and the ACLU.

Taylor Swift spoke out in June in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, urging Swifties to push for big, fundamental change in the American political system. “I stand with the protestors who are exercising their rights and I want to be an ally fighting for change,” she wrote on Instagram on June 9.

“As a white person, I don’t always know what to say. I think right now white people have to just sit in our discomfort and we have to admit there’s a lot we don’t know about black people’s lives and about a black person’s experience. There is horrible injustice towards black people that has been ignored for far too long.”

Perry tweeted on June 2, a day declared Blackout Tuesday, “I try to live my life to answer the question, “How can I be of service?” I have spent the last few days watching, listening and reflecting about how to utilize my privilege and platform. I hope that #BlackoutTuesday gives us all (especially in the music industry) an opportunity to take what we’re learning and put it into action on Wednesday, and every day going forward.”

“There are many ways to support the movement towards justice and equality. I’ve chosen to donate to the organizations tagged in this post. You can do the same at the link in my bio. This soon to be mother is going to work hard to make damn sure this world is a more just place for every child. Black Lives Matter,” she added.

Perry directed her followers to organizations like National Bail Out, NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Black Lives Matter among others.

Hollywood elites are happy to use their wealth to finance the vandalism and looting of American cities, the destruction of businesses that employ blacks and the killings of black children. Just don’t disrupt the tranquility of Beverly Hills.