Left moves from imprisoning enemies to assassination

On the night of President Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2016, the mood of the left was angry, bitter and restive over losing the election.

Accusations were flying that he stole power by colluding with Russia and a criminal investigation was underway. The country had not yet fully understood that the Democratic Party and its various factions were becoming more radicalized in real time, giving birth to The Resistance.

Many on the left religiously believed it was just a matter of time before they unearthed crimes that would throw Trump out of office. Fast forward to election 2020 and the left’s frustration is boiling over. The collusion theory fell apart due to lack of evidence and they still haven’t uncovered any diabolical deeds.

The shift toward authoritarianism had begun when they accused their political opponents of crimes they didn’t commit. Infiltrators inside various government institutions coldly plotted to frame Trump and his campaign associates. They relished the televised spectacles of Trump campaign officials being perp walked and incarcerated.

They justified these acts by accusing the president and anyone affiliated with him of being hardline racists and fascists, therefore anything the left did to strip them of power was justified.

Democrats are now financially supporting anarchists affiliated with organizations like Antifa and BLM which have been engaged in violent demonstrations aimed at dismantling our judicial system by attacking police, jails and even the courts.

These groups are radical enough to let people die as they fight for their various causes, if that’s what it takes to win. They have brought dissension, destruction and death to Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Atlanta, Georgia and several other states.

The Resistance has now entered a new and frightening phase. The murder of a Trump supporter has the left celebrating a ‘fresh kill.’

On August 31, Michael Reinoehl, 48, a self-described Antifa supporter, ambushed and gunned down 39-year-old Aaron J. Danielson in Portland because he was wearing a hat with the insignia of Patriot Prayer, a pro-Trump organization which had a history of clashing with “mostly peaceful” Antifa and BLM protesters.

A graphic video of the events that night captured audio of a voice saying “Hey, we got a Trumper right here,” before two shots were fired.

A member of BLM was filmed addressing a crowd with a loud bullhorn in downtown Portland shortly after Danielson’s killing.

“I am not sad that a f—ing fascist died tonight,” she said as the crowd laughed and cheered in celebration.

“If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention,” she explained earlier. “If y’all are not with me, y’all are not paying attention. Everybody needs to realize what’s going on in these streets. Our community can hold its own without the police. We can take out the trash on our own.”

Her sentiments were echoed this week by Erik Loomis, a University of Rhode Island history professor, in response to a comment on his blog post, “Why was Michael Reinoehl killed?”

“Reinoehl killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective,’’ Loomis” replied.

He compared the gunman to John Brown, the radical abolitionist who in the mid-19th century advocated for more violent tactics to end slavery. To the left, Danielson’s life did not matter.

Sadly, Reinoehl was killed last Thursday in Lacey, Washington during a standoff with U.S. Marshals, bringing his reign of terror to an end. Ultimately was Danielson’s death a cause célèbre, or just another Pyrrhic victory for leftists.

Will they drown in their own venom or will anarchy and assassinations lead to triumph in November? The voters will have to decide if the nation continues to follow in the footsteps of other countries that are ruled by armed militias and warlords.