Kemp to blame for two GA Senate runoffs after crawling into swamp with Democrats

Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp certified the state’s election results Friday, but he has not been able to tamp down flames from the dumpster fire engulfing his administration regarding the conduct of the election.

President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday, “Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!”

Thousand of supporters rallied in front of the CNN headquarters in downtown Atlanta for a Rescue America Rally hosted by Brandon Straka.

Thousand of protesters have also been stationed outside the State Capitol building in Atlanta for the last three days at the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, organized by Alex Jones, to protest the badly managed election.

Kemp said the Trump campaign can pursue other legal options to call for a recount now that the results certify Joe Biden as the winner.

The certification took place after a so-called “full hand recount” which only allowed one credentialed GOP monitor  for each ten counting tables, making the process essentially meaningless.

During the recount-lite Biden’s lead over Trump was reduced to 12,781 votes after the president gained about 1,400.

A missing memory card was discovered in Douglas County with 293 votes, adding 156 votes to Biden’s total while 128 votes went to Trump. Officials in Fayette County also found 2,755 ballots that had not been included in the original count.

An additional 284 ballots turned up in Walton County and more than 2,600 ballots were also found in Floyd County that had not been counted, setting off an alarming warning bell that the “certified” count may be way off. 

Only one Georgia election official has been held accountable for the discrepancies that have emerged in the vote totals. The Floyd County board convened a special session Thursday and voted to dismiss Floyd County Chief of Elections Clerk Robert Brady. 

Kemp called for another full hand recount and urged Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “consider addressing these concerns” and conduct a “sample of audit of signatures on absentee ballot envelopes.” Poll workers and observers would compare those to the signatures on applications and on file at the secretary of state’s office.”

He said the audit only looked at ballots, not the signatures on the absentee applications or the signatures on the ballot envelopes.

A flood of absentee ballots has created a lot of anomalies in the Georgia race and both Senate seats are headed for a January runoff. Disheartened supporters of the president, who believe the race was stolen, are telling pollsters they will not show up to vote, jeopardizing what should have been easy wins for Republicans.

The GOP stands to lose the Senate majority in a year when more than 73 million people voted for the president.

Kemp signed off on a March 2020 consent settlement that Raffensperger entered into with the Democratic Party, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, represented by the Perkins Coie law firm.

 It significantly altered procedures for processing absentee ballots and absentee voting rules in Georgia. Only the state legislature is permitted to make a change in procedures governing federal elections.

Atlanta attorney Lin Wood is calling the election void and unlawful because the general assembly is the only entity, according to Georgia law, that can make this change. He has filed a lawsuit contesting the state’s presidential results.