Joe Biden needs to go back to kindergarten

Seventy-seven-year-old presidential candidate Joe Biden has a lot of skills left to master, despite serving nearly half a century in government. The former vice president has to sharpen up on reading a teleprompter and he really needs to understand basic mathematics.

He addressed the US Conference of Mayors live on C-SPAN on Saturday and paid a glowing tribute to the elected officials for their valuable service.

 “That’s why I’ve made it a priority my entire career to work closely with you,” he said with a smile, “from the time I got to the Senate 180 years ago.”

Biden only served for 37 years as a Democratic senator from Delaware from 1973 to 2009. Was he kidding or did his notoriously bad counting skills fail him again?

Earlier this month Biden gave a speech bashing President Donald Trump from an old Pennsylvania steel mill.

“COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 years… Look. Here’s… The lives… It’s just… I mean, think about it,’ he said. He then checked his script which actually read, “More lives this year than any year in the past 100 years.”

He keeps dropping wildly exaggerated estimates of American coronavirus casualties. Last Sunday the Democratic presidential nominee attended a campaign event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he said an estimated 200 million people have already died from the disease.

“If Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19, which are well beyond what they should be — it’s estimated that 200 million people have died — probably by the time I finish this talk,” he said during a campaign speech.

The number of deaths at that time had not yet surpassed 200,000 according to Johns Hopkins University. Based on his estimate nearly two-thirds of all Americans have died of COVID-19.

In June, Biden wrongly claimed 120 million people had died as a result of coronavirus, during another campaign stop in Pennsylvania.

“People don’t have a job, people don’t know where to go, they don’t know what to do,” he said. “Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.” At the time there were only 122,000 deaths.

During a virtual roundtable with three Democratic governors in May, Biden claimed: “We’re in the middle of a pandemic that has cost us more than 85,000 jobs as of today.”

“Lives of millions of people, millions of people, millions of jobs,” he noted as he accidentally switched the numbers around during the PBS livestream with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont.

He was probably referring to the 86,000 people who had died of coronavirus at that time and approximately 36 million who had lost their jobs.

The numerically-challenged former vice president even mangled his recitation of the unemployment figures. “You know, and we’re in a position where we just got new unemployment insurance, this morning, numbers, 36.5 million claims since this crisis began,” Biden said.

He has claimed on other occasions that there were 720 million women in the workforce, 150 million Americans killed by firearms since 2007, and 40 students shot at Kent State University in 1970 instead of four.

Boston Herald’s Howie Carr says, “Slow Joe is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, not to mention three bricks shy of a load.”