Flynn’s attorney ‘extremely disappointed’ in Barr’s Justice Department

 The public is growing increasingly frustrated as former FBI officials who orchestrated the discredited Russia probe continue to play games while evading prosecution.

After nearly a year, John Durham’s probe into the origins of the FBI’s Russia collusion hoax has only netted one conviction.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz found 17 serious errors and omissions in FISA warrants used to spy on Carter Page, a member of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. Durham was assigned to the investigation by Attorney General William Barr in October 2019.

Attorney Kevin Clinesmith pled guilty and admitted that he altered an email in FISA filings related to Carter Page a former adviser in President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Clinesmith’s email was part of a chain that was used as evidence for the FBI’s final warrant renewal application in 2017. He said Carter Page was not a source for another government agency. Page had said he worked with the CIA. The FBI illegally surveilled Page because they suspected him of being an agent of Russia. Page was never charged with wrongdoing.

The Justice Department also released records last Thursday showing that more than two dozen phones belonging to members of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s team were “wiped” clean of their data before the Justice Department’s inspector general could check them.

The brazen and bizarre reasons the team gave to explain these incredulous mishaps included forgotten passcodes, irreparable screen damage, loss of devices and even intentional deletions. The records were released after a lawsuit from the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Mueller deputy Andrew Weissman “accidentally wiped” his device twice after he entered the wrong passcode too many times in March 2018, according to the documents.

Attorney James Quarles’ phone “wiped itself” of the data without his input, the records stated.

 Former FBI attorney Lisa Page’s phone was restored to factory settings after reports emerged that she exchanged anti-Trump texts with her paramour, former FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Attorney Sydney Powell, who represents Former National Security Adviser Micheal Flynn, discussed the probe of these officials led by Durham on YouTube show Grow Up Live with Robby Starbuck and his wife Landon Newsom Starbuck last month. She also expressed her dismay over Flynn’s long battle for freedom.

The Justice Department decided in May to drop the charges against Flynn for lying to the FBI, but presiding Judge Emmett Sullivan has appointed retired federal Judge John Gleeson to make arguments against dismissal. Notes from former FBI counterintelligence chief Bill Priestap revealed misconduct by investigators which suggested Flynn may have been set up.

“Do you think we’re going to be seeing any indictments of these elites that seem to be, you know, unaccountable to everyone and all the American people?” Landon Starbuck asked.

“I wish I knew,” said Powell. “I’ve become increasingly concerned as time has gone on, particularly with the [Kevin] Kleinsmith plea deal that was just beyond weak, and there’s no significant cooperation agreement with it. And then [Steve] Bannon and Andy Badolato and those guys who tried to build the wall got indicted when they passed over the hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars scam from the Clinton Foundation, so I’m not encouraged at all right now. I’m extremely disappointed actually.”

“The Clinesmith plea seems like it was built to withdraw it,” she continued. “I’m very concerned that Judge Boasberg took it since he was on the FISA court and had signed the warrant application that was an issue.”

 “I don’t think that was appropriate,” said Powell. “That’s a built-in issue that shouldn’t be there and the other thing was his failure to admit knowing that it was false at the time he did it, and in fact he waffled on that and that’s not acceptable at all. I mean if I’d been the prosecutor, I would have indicted him as soon as the lawyer put out that statement because he’s looking at substantially greater liability than what he just pled for.

Host Robby Starbuck expressed concerned about the inaction from Durham and the lack of a cooperation agreement. Powell concurred, adding that “Clinesmith should have been indicted a year ago as soon as Durham got the matter.”

“It had been referred by the Inspector General for the Department of Justice with scads of evidence. The documents themselves show his intent. You don’t put a note in something and believe it’s right when the opposite is what’s been told to you, so it’s inexplicable to me. And why they let him do that is equally inexplicable,” said Powell.

“I mean … without, you know, sounding too dramatic — we have to ask — is justice dead in America when we can’t hold up prosecutors and … government officials accountable?” asked Landon Starbuck.

“ I mean there’s things like child porn that are found on government officials’ computers that go unprosecuted and when we have corrupt prosecutors, as we’ve seen in your case with General Flynn … is it fair to assume that we have a problem with our justice system in America?

“Yeah, we have a huge problem with our justice system in America,” said Powell. “The double standard that all Americans see is completely unacceptable and gives no one any faith in our institutions, and I think Bill Barr is an honorable man who wants to restore that, but we’re nowhere near where we ought to be by this time of his tenure.”

“Between the Bannon indictment, nothing done on the Clinton Foundation, the sweetheart deal for Mr. Clinesmith and the fact that … nobody else has been indicted when there’s evidence in the public sector enough to indict many of them — it’s inexplicable to me and completely unacceptable. I’m extremely disappointed,” she said.