Fleischer urges Trump to cower to scary press corps

The White House press corps enjoys frittering its time away angling for the spotlight and playing “gotcha” with President Donald Trump at his daily White House coronavirus briefings.

These journalists could have chosen to devote their time to covering the biggest story of their lifetime — the unprecedented and deadly pandemic, but they would rather talk about Trump — all day and night. There are so many human interest stories that need to be told from the far flung corners of America, but they prefer to be Twitter superstars.

“These aren’t reporters, said Mark Levin on his radio show Monday. “These are sort of Left Wing kamikaze types. They come into these briefings with the purpose of blowing the place up.”

 Republicans have been ringing their hands, claiming that the briefings are doing Trump more harm than good. The daily media attacks, they claim, are destroying his chances at winning the election in November and placing the GOP’s Senate majority at risk.

Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer said Tuesday the president’s daily briefings “can become even more valid if the president is out there three days a week or two days a week.”

The former White House Press Secretary told host Sandra Smith the president should seek alternative methods to communicate with the American people.

“The fact of the matter, Sandra, is there is nothing more pressurized and more just unbalanced than that White House briefing room. And, anybody who steps into it, steps into it at their own peril,” he said.

“And, it’s unique. They don’t treat the president the way governors are treated. It’s a game of ‘gotcha’ in that room for many of the questions — not all, but many. And, it doesn’t serve the press. It doesn’t always serve of the president. So, I would pare it back and reduce the duration. When the president’s there he just attracts reporters who want to play ‘gotcha’ in addition to the ones with regular questions,” Fleischer said.

The combative president has indicated he has no intention of playing footsie with the White House press corps. Trump has instead been playing “gotcha” with his daily schedule.

The press pool thought the president’s scheduled Tuesday meeting with Florida Governor Ron de Santis would be restricted to an in-house pool. They were caught off-guard when he gave an unscheduled, impromptu press conference.

On Monday the White House scheduled, then canceled, then rescheduled its daily coronavirus briefing, discombobulating reporters.

 CNN commentator and Democratic operative Jen Psaki could barely conceal her disappointment. She wrote Tuesday, “When the announcement came from the White House on Monday morning that there would be no briefing, there was a sigh of relief.”

“And not just from weary fact-checkers and health care professionals, but from members of President Donald Trump’s own political party who have been forced to at worst defend and at best explain his failure to prepare for, manage and communicate on the worst public health crisis in a century,” she whined.

“But there was no way President Trump was going to miss his opportunity to communicate his own alternative reality of how well he has handled and managed the response to coronavirus,” she wrote. “He loves the spotlight. Even when it is under the worst possible circumstances. He can’t seem to help himself.”

Just when the media strike force thought they had cornered him, proving just how much collective “political clout” they have, Trump threw nails in their path and blew their tires out.

Our cable and broadcast news networks ought to be giving the public much less opinion and much more news if they want to regain the public’s trust and respect. They don’t seem to care that their ratings stink and only a few people are still watching.