Dr. King would reject adoration of depraved Resistance

Today many political hacks and hatchet men will rush to embrace Dr. Martin Luther King, touting his legacy on this day when our country celebrates his powerful, illimitable influence on our society.

Dr. King did not exhort his followers to hate or advocate the politics of personal destruction. He spoke out against injustice and systematic oppression. He was a peace-loving preacher who was most well-known for championing a philosophy of non-violence, not the rhetoric of condemnation and abuse that his ‘admirers’ spew.

Would Dr. King have approved of the venomous crusade to impeach President Donald Trump without any evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor? Would King have taken the side of Democratic House lawmakers while they systematically denied Trump due process as they railroaded him with accusations of abuse of power for asking for help to investigate potential wrongdoing of a former vice president and his son?

Would he support manufactured charges of obstruction of Congress against Trump for using his authority under the Constitution to assert, protect and execute executive privilege?

Would King have looked the other way while the people who clothe themselves in his rhetoric have accused Trump of crimes he did not commit for three years, launching a special counsel criminal probe based on smears and lies? Is that justice? Would King support the Democratic Resistance and their full-throated, politically-motivated orchestration of rigged investigations and impeachment?

Political activist and King promulgator Rev. Al Sharpton delivered a speech Sunday morning at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA in honor of the civil rights icon, so naturally he threw darts at his nemesis Trump.

“He has divided us, which is the antithesis to Dr. King. Now he’s facing an impeachment hearing the day after Dr. King’s holiday, Sharpton gloated.

 “I hope that Mr. Trump will correct his ways, but if he doesn’t, I hope the Senate, and if not the Senate, the voters, will heal the nation,” said Sharpton.

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Sunday on MSNBC’s Weekends with Alex Witt that House Democrats will not stop investigating the president, even if he is acquitted by the Senate,

“Let me just say this. All of us have the responsibility for oversight. Yes, I have subpoenaed documents from Deutsche Bank. Yes, I am concerned about the financial affairs of the president of the United States, including money laundering. And I’m continuing with that,” said Waters.

“As a matter of fact, the subpoenas that I’ve issued that’s gone through the lower courts are now going to be heard at the Supreme Court in March. We will not stop. Whether or not that leads to another impeachment activity, I don’t know. But I know we must continue with the work that our constituents have elected us to come to Congress to do,” she said.

Last June the sister of Dr. King, Evangelist Alveda King, chastised Waters’ call for incendiary resistance without offering constructive solutions.

“POTUS is bringing solutions; keeping his promises, getting as many results … Hurling insults at each other is not the most effective way for humans to communicate. There is a more excellent way,” said Ms. King.

Last year actor and producer Isaiah Washington, in an interview with The Epoch Times’ Senior Editor Jan Jekielek called for the country to unite: “…. now everyone is going into their corners, pointing fingers, crying foul. You’ve done this to me, you’ve done that to me … we can’t talk anymore … this is ridiculous. We’ve got to have a conversation.” We have to have a civil discourse,” said Washington.

“We cannot achieve a more equitable society by bringing back historical practices which we have already shunned and outlawed. Hate cannot be overcome with more hate. Some of the inequalities in our society may seem to be intractable. At times it may even appear that history is repeating itself in some areas of the country,” he said.

“We still have to persist in finding better solutions and we must continue a dialogue among ourselves instead of lashing out in bitterness. Let us not forget how far we have come. Evil can only be overcome with more good,” urged Washington.

Dr. King does not need political opportunists to speak for him beyond the grave. His vast, impressive legacy of fighting for racial equality and justice is well documented in film and books. It is engraved in the hearts of his legions of followers around the world. It will live on, long after this pack of impeachment loons has passed.