Left unleashes insurrection phase of ongoing coup attempt

CNN’s Jake Tapper disseminated the Democratic talking point that President Donald Trump “poses a clear and present danger to the nation” on his Sunday show State of the Union.

The left and the media brazenly paint the president as a monster who must be overthrown after all the bloodshed, destruction and mayhem they have instigated.

While they accuse Trump of trying to steal elections, it is they who have co-conspirators and so-called whistleblowers embedded inside the federal bureaucracy orchestrating plots to take down the president. Their cronies launched and prolonged a baseless criminal investigation to jail him and his supporters using a cooked-up Russia collusion hoax.

The anti-Trump forces are now serving up a brand new 3.0 edition of the never-ending plot, assisted by the once credible New York Times. The trashloid published a discredited story Friday claiming that Russia secretly offered bounties to the Taliban to kill US and NATO forces, citing “officials briefed on the matter,” accusing Trump of failing to act. Why not throw another version of the hoax unto the burning pyre they have lit for Trump to win the election?

The  president tweeted Sunday he was not briefed by US intelligence on the explosive claim because it was deemed not “credible,” but the Democrat-servient press will just run with the controversial story as fact until November.

 A spokesperson for the Russian embassy in the United Kingdom said such stories are fiction aimed at heightening hysteria about the mythical ‘Russian threats.’ The BBC is also reporting that the Taliban has refuted claims in The New York Times report, but anti-Trump newspaper editors and world leaders are already feasting on the red meat.

California Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also hooked her talons to the story like a homing pigeon, requesting Monday that two top U.S. intelligence leaders give the full House of Representatives a briefing on the report. It seems to have been tailor-made for Democrats who hijacked the Constitution’s impeachment provision last year to weaponize a phony claim by an “anonymous whistleblower” that Trump was using Ukraine to steal the election.

It is Democrats who refuse to respect the nation’s tradition of peaceful transition of power while having the gall to suggest the president will “try to steal this election.” Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden even pushed the fantastical claim that Trump would refuse to leave office if he lost in November. He suggested that such recalcitrance would force the military to frogmarch him from the White House.

The power structure inside the Federal Bureau of Investigations, which was working to exonerate Trump’s 2016 rival Hillary Clinton for unauthorized mishandling of classified information, while setting up the Trump campaign for phony crimes, is still in place. It is now actively downplaying the acts of violence and intimidation being perpetrated by the left in its effort to create domestic turmoil to destroy the presidency.

It is Democrats who have well financed militia-type groups stoking insurrection across the country. Democratic mayors and governors have allowed protesters to create mayhem by hijacking the country’s grief over the murder of George Floyd, a black man that died in the custody of a white police officer.

They have been encouraging lawlessness in some of the nation’s largest cities and pushing for defunding police departments in the wake of Floyd’s death. They have allowed anarchists to take over parts of their cities, tearing down historic statues and burning private property while forcing police to stand down.

Inside Seattle’s CHOP, or Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone early Monday, one man was killed and another wounded following a gun battle, the fifth shooting and second killing since the left-wing rebel protesters ejected police from the six-block area.

Democrats are the ones attempting to intimidate Trump’s supporters into surrendering the country by driving them off TV and social media with the help of propaganda from news networks that are colluding with them to drive their narrative.

Their latest scheme is to threaten and intimidate corporations into falling in line with their agenda with bizarre brand-renaming marketing ploys while targeting Trump and his supporters by pulling advertising from platforms that claim to be public forums.

Why are Democrats and their affiliates going to these extraordinary lengths to position their flaccid candidate Biden for electoral victory? Rosy polls predict they are set to sweep the election.

Did they need another Russia scandal as yet another “insurance policy?” Maybe the polls aren’t telling the whole story of what will unfold at the ballot box and they know it.