Democrats turn into toxic threat to US preeminence

America’s political parties have traditionally existed to promote a pro-American agenda — not so the Democratic Party.

It used to be the party that championed the rights of the working poor, middle class, women and minority groups but its current agenda is toxic to America’s peace, security and prosperity.

It has formed a damaging alliance with the media in an effort to bolster its power and sweep the airwaves with its hateful crusade to destroy President Donald Trump. They have painted the president as a destructive force that must be eradicated by any means necessary. Democrats and the media must be opposed to Trump’s agenda no matter what the cause. It is they who have turned on their country with their agenda of hate.

They use mass propaganda to try to drown out the promotion of virtually all of his accomplishments. That means suppressing news about the signing of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) with the staging of a ridiculous impeachment ceremony. They turned the administrative process of turning over articles of impeachment into a TV event. Who could blame them though? They have absolutely nothing to justify their existence for the entire time Trump has been in office.

“The impeachment trial has had no impact at all on the economy and the stock market. None, zero. That’s a function of good policies and a free market country and brilliant entrepreneurs,” White House top economic adviser Larry Kudlow said at the White House Friday.

“I sometimes get a little annoyed that impeachment and all the theater going with that could be an effort on the other side of the aisle to obstruct and obfuscate the economic progress we’re making,” said Kudlow.

USMCA will generate $68 billion in GDP for the U.S. economy and give American producers better access to Canadian dairy markets. It creates stricter rules for auto part rules of origin and requires at least 40% of the parts for a car to be produced in plants where workers make at least $16 an hour. It also updates digital trade and copyright rules.

Democrats are forced to weaponize two baseless articles of impeachment to cloud a presidency that is barnstorming the world with a powerful economy, military might and compelling America First agenda that has become the envy of the world.

They used impeachment to downplay the signing of the phase one China trade deal. China is expected to make billions of dollars’ worth of agricultural purchases and begin reforming its longstanding practice of forced technology transfer.

The White House expects Beijing to buy about $80 billion in manufactured goods, $53 billion in energy, $32 billion in agriculture and $35 billion in services. The deal also reiterates U.S. opposition to currency manipulation.

The U.S. economy continues its impressive upward trajectory as U.S. home building surged to a 13-year high in December, according to a CNBC report Friday and recent economic reports showed consumer confidence at the highest levels in nearly 20 years.

Democrats and their mass media arm continue to sympathize with the anti-American nation of Iran after a U.S. air strike that killed its hateful military leader Gen. Qasem Soleimani days after his militia supporters in Iraq stormed the U.S. embassy. He orchestrated the killing of a U.S. contractor and insurgency operations against U.S. military forces in Iraq.

 He headed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Forces and was considered to have been the second-most powerful man in Iran behind Ayatollah Ali Khomenei.

He oversaw Tehran’s international proxy network of armed forces and is believed to be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of U.S. troops in Iraq at the hands of Iran-backed groups.

Democrats praised the Ayatollah after he ordered airstrikes on bases in Iraq housing U.S. troops, hurting 11 soldiers, and striking a civilian airline killing 176 innocent people.

The Democratic establishment, media included, also greeted the U.S. takedown of the world’s number one terrorist, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, last year with great sadness and distress.

Media mourners polluted the airwaves with praise for the founder and leader of the Islamic State, who led a violent movement that covered large territories in both Iraq and Syria. ISIS is known for carrying out atrocities like attacks against religious minorities and beheadings of Western hostages.

A Washington Post obituary ludicrously described al-Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar” at the helm of the Islamic State with “wire-frame glasses and no known aptitude for fighting.”

Sanctuary policies in cities run by Democratic leaders are threatening the lives and prosperity of US citizens as they block the incarceration and deportation of criminal illegal aliens who are left to freely roam America’s streets.

A 92-year-old woman was allegedly sexually assaulted and murdered in the sanctuary city of New York by an illegal immigrant who was freed in November. Victims like her are just collateral damage to a party that sees immigration as key to its quest for hegemony.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf tweeted Wednesday, “There has been a complete breakdown of law & order in New York City. NYC proudly passed sanctuary city laws & bragged about it for months. But now they, & more importantly, the citizens of NYC are facing the deadly consequences of the sanctuary policies.”

If Democrats insist on championing global interests first, they should consider dissolving their party because it will cease to serve the needs of the U.S. and its citizens.