Democrats test dominion of power, propaganda

House Democrats and the media have got what they have been ‘preying’ for — a media circus starring President Donald Trump.

The public hearings in their long planned and contrived impeachment inquiry are set to begin on Wednesday, minus an actual high crime or misdemeanor.

Democrats have denied the president the right to confront his accuser by using baseless claims from an anonymous whistleblower to launch the probe. They have muscled their way into controlling the entire process using their House majority.

The circus ringmaster, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), is wielding his power with a tight, tyrannical grip. He is the final arbiter over transcripts, evidence and the entire seedy production.

Democrats are refusing Trump the right to call witnesses on his behalf and members of the minority are not able to fully participate in all proceedings or have equal authority to issue subpoenas.

Trump has already been tried and convicted in a secure vault in the Capitol basement and in the media. The public hearing is being staged simply to determine his punishment.

The House of Representatives is expected to impeach the president, while the Senate is signaling it will quickly vote against convicting him.

The president tweeted Thursday: “It was just explained to me that for next weeks Fake Hearing (trial) in the House, as they interview Never Trumpers and others, I get NO LAWYER & NO DUE PROCESS. It is a Pelosi, Schiff, Scam against the Republican Party and me. This Witch Hunt should not be allowed to proceed!”

The media and ‘Demo-rats’ have been angling for an impeachment spectacle since the president was sworn into office. They have been pivoting from one eradication method to another, cycling through the 25th Amendment, the emoluments clause, the Mueller criminal investigation and obstruction of justice accusations.

They are clinging to their last straw ahead of the election, a bogus, basement-grown case that Trump was asking for Ukraine help in probing their candidate for president, Joe Biden and his son Hunter who were negotiating questionable deals in the country.

Democrats insist that Trump used military aid of $400,000 as a quid pro quo to push the probe of a political rival, even though there was no evidence any was offered in an unredacted transcript.

On Saturday Schiff denied a request from House Intelligence Committee Ranking member Devin Nunes (R-CA) to call the whistleblower as a witness, claiming his appearance would be “redundant” and “unnecessary.”

‘The impeachment inquiry, moreover, has gathered an ever-growing body of evidence – from witnesses and documents, including the President’s own words in his July 25 call record – that not only confirms, but far exceeds, the initial information in the whistleblower’s complaint,’ Schiff wrote in a letter to Nunes.

Democrats claim they are outraged that Trump is using his power to sway the upcoming election. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, since this is exactly what they are doing with a staged impeachment so close to the election.

Schiff has insisted on tight message control, compiling evidence without cross examination, after denying subpoena powers and coordinating the release of damaging leaks.

A Media Research Center Study released last month found that from September 24 — the day the impeachment inquiry was announced — to October 24, broadcast networks ABC, NBC and CBS “devoted 322 minutes to the probe in their evening newscasts, across 140 separate news segments.”
The latest USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times nationwide poll showed 44% say the House should vote to impeach and 30% say it should not, but 26% say they either don’t know or that it’s too soon to tell.

The Week writer Neil Young fears that “Democrats are in danger of losing the impeachment spin battle.” In a recent article he argued that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Democrats should focus on controlling and driving the narrative. The impeachment jury will ultimately be the American people. Will truth win in the end?