Democrats decriminalize attempted mass murders of Portland police

The peaceful protesters of Portland, Oregon continue to openly plot mass murders of police and they made yet another attempt Saturday night. 

Protesters threw fire bombs freely and fearlessly at police on the 100th day of demonstrations over racial injustice and police brutality and at least one person was injured, police said.

Attempted mass murders of Portland police have become part of the nightly entertainment spectacle — a fire show perhaps.

The protesters threw the incendiary devices in reaction to dozens of officers who had shown up to block the march at Stark Street near 113th Avenue around 9:20 p.m. The devices exploded in Stark Street, several feet away from the police line.

Even though the protesters were aiming to light up police officers, one was quite frantic when he accidentally lit himself on fire. His fellow pyromaniacs rushed to his aid as he attempted to stomp out the flames and rolled around on the ground.

The police department tweeted that people were “engaging in tumultuous and violent conduct thereby intentionally or recklessly creating a grave risk of causing public alarm.”

Even though more than 50 protesters were arrested Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has been operating a revolving door at the jail as he pursues a policy of limited prosecution for certain charges related to the ongoing protests.

 Last month, his office announced charges such as Interfering with a Police Officer or Criminal Trespass would not be prosecuted and people arrested for those crimes would be quickly released.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been targeting the Multnomah County Justice Center nightly during anti-police protests since the brutal death of George Floyd in police custody.

If protests continue at their current pace, it may just be a matter of time before they hit the jackpot and murder a number of police. Rioters barricaded the exits at the Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct building in August before starting a fire with more than 20 officers and civilian employees inside. They also attempted to run over officers with a truck.

They have repeatedly threatened and injured police, inmates and employees. They have been starting several fires in buildings with people inside, bolting emergency doors to prevent them from escaping.

The fatal shooting of Patriot Prayer member Aaron J. Danielson last Saturday during clashes between pro-Trump groups and left-wing protesters has not changed the outlook of Portland’s political leaders toward the anarchy that has gripped the city.

Authorities released additional court documents late Friday which allege that Danielson was stalked and killed by suspect Michael Forest Reinoehl who now faces second-degree murder charges.

Reinoehl, a public supporter of the far-left-leaning militant group Antifa, was observed in security footage ducking into a parking garage and reaching toward a pocket or pouch at his waist before emerging to follow Danielson.

The victim was holding bear spray and an expandable baton and had a loaded Glock handgun in a holster at his waist, according to the documents.

Witnesses told police that just before they heard gunshots someone said something like, “wanna go,” as if challenging a fight. Danielson, 39, was shot in the chest and died at the scene.

Democratic Gov. Kate Brown blamed the shooting on Patriot Prayer, saying the group and other self-proclaimed militia members drove into downtown Portland “armed and looking for a fight.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has also shown little interest in providing peace and security for the citizens of Portland or the protection of his police officers.

He has consistently refused federal aid and is more consumed with protecting and sympathizing with the so-called peaceful protesters than protecting police personnel and public safety workers.

While he has acknowledged that the city anticipates “additional planned attacks on public buildings” he emphasized that he would permit police to do what was necessary to thwart the attacks — as long as they don’t threaten the “peaceful protesters.”