Democrats push for masks after cheering on 15 to 26 million protesters

Democrats and the media have launched a vehement campaign for masks to protect against coronavirus with a sense of urgency that struck only after President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail in mid-June.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) started pushing for a national mask mandate last Sunday and now the media are dutifully pushing her brilliant new policy initiative.

It seems like this obsession with masks and social distancing is a political ploy to muzzle the president and keep him off the campaign trail, not a genuine concern for curbing coronavirus.

Over the weekend, Trump traveled to South Dakota for an Independence Day celebration where masks were available to attendees but not required — neither was social distancing. This sent the coronavirus concern trolls into a tailspin.

Do Democrats really believe anyone outside of their Kool-Aid drinking cult members buys this new mask canard? Four recent polls — including one commissioned by Democrats from data science firm Civis Analytics claim that 15 million to 26 million people have participated in demonstrations since the death of George Floyd. More modest estimates still suggest that at least 7 million people have been marching on the streets.

The single biggest day was June 6 when half a million people turned out for protests in nearly 550 locations. Black Lives Matter estimated that as many as 100,000 protesters turned out in Hollywood, California on June 8 and pictures from the event show a tightly packed, dizzying spectacle of people jammed for miles in the streets.

Democrats have only made feeble attempts to enforce masks and social distancing at these events, versus the militant authoritarians piling on Trump and his supporters.

NBC’s Meet the Press host Andrea Mitchell is the latest buffoon displaying fake concern for the spread of coronavirus at Trump’s rallies and events while pushing for a “national requirement” for Americans to wear masks. She accused the president Sunday of downplaying the pandemic over the July 4th weekend by hosting “two days of crowded celebrations, with social distancing optional and few masks.” She asked her political affiliate, Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, if there should be a national requirement.

“It’s become almost not even debatable,” he chortled. “Certainly when you’re going out and absolutely indoors. As I mentioned, this virus is a lot more lethal inside than outside. But if you’re leaving your house put on a mask. I think it ought to be a national, a national requirement.”

Last Sunday Meet the Press host Chuck Todd invited Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar on the show to complain. “The president of the United States holding indoor rallies, twice in the last ten days,” said Todd. “Once in a state that is seeing a potential of an out of control spread in Arizona. He doesn’t talk about wearing a mask. And you avoided my question about whether you’ve asked the president to at least ask the country to wear a mask. Just because you put guidelines under his name, when he doesn’t do it, his people don’t listen.”

Azar deserves credit for immediately exposing Todd’s glaring hypocrisy: “But we’ve seen mass gatherings over the last several weeks with people, rightly, expressing first amendment and political views. And this is appropriate,” said Azar. “But my message is one of public health which is if you’re going to participate in any type of large gathering I encourage you: consider your individual circumstance. Consider the circumstance of those you live with. And take appropriate precautions that are appropriate to yourself and your community.”

Democrats and their liberal journalist henchmen can’t continue to deny the effect that the mass protests have had on the surge of coronavirus cases that erupted just a few weeks later. Their double standards and grandstanding on masks and social distancing are so disingenuous that they will have a difficult time winning support from the American people for what amounts to a targeted attack on the president with an eye on the November election.