Democrats outworking Republicans with ground game in key Georgia suburb

Door-knocking Democrats have been practically stalking voters in suburban Gwinnett County, Georgia — an area where Republican consultants say the party has been losing ground among ‘soccer moms.’

As the January 5th Georgia Senate runoffs loom and Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are set to face off against Democrats Rafael Warnock and John Ossoff, the GOP ground game in the county is almost non-existent.

Democratic Party election workers have been making several repeat visits to potential voters for months, bombarding them with questions about their intentions. They have been grilling residents on which candidates they will be voting for and if they will be voting early or on Election Day.

They have been leaving door hangers galore, promoting both candidates on their repeated visits and swamping residents with colorful mailers every day.

This week voters received a large, pricey and glossy eight-page pamphlet promoting Warnock’s candidacy. Residents even observed an airplane flying a banner promoting Ossoff over the skies of Gwinnett County on Wednesday.

A newly released poll from JMC Analytics and Polling found Warnock and Ossoff leading over Loeffler and Perdue as early votes are cast.

The poll, conducted with 500 respondents on Monday and Tuesday, found Ossoff ahead of Perdue 50% to 43%, or 7 points, with 7% of respondents saying they were undecided.

Warnock was ahead of Loeffler by a larger spread of 53% to 44%, or 9 points, with 3% of respondents saying they were undecided.

Federal records show that the four candidates have spent nearly $540 million on advertising. Ossoff spent about $68 million on ads as of mid-December while Perdue had spent $41 million, according to Ad Age. Warnock had spent rougly $66 million compared with Loeffler’s roughly $47 million.

According to financial disclosure forms, Warnock and Ossoff both raised more than $100 million over the past two months, outraising their Republican opponents by a significant margin, but GOP outside groups are outspending Democratic groups.

“Our Republican counterparts don’t have to spend as much of their precious resources on TV and can invest in the area that is most important at this stage: direct voter contact,” Warnock campaign manager Jerid Kurtz and Ossoff campaign manager Ellen Foster wrote in a memo.

Democrats have been warning that they may soon have to choose between television ad spending and boots on the ground.

“Our campaigns have had to make hard decisions, and right now we cannot afford to cut resources from our field program,” the campaign managers wrote.

Outside Republican groups have spent over $200 million on advertising attacking Ossoff and Warnock and defending Perdue and Loeffler. Republicans lead Democrats in spending by nearly 3-to-1 — $180.5 million to $63.1 million.