Democrats in shock as Trump surges in suburbs

A week ago Democrats were gloating that a bright blue wave would be washing over the nation’s suburbs in the November election as they were growing more Democratic due to urbanization. “Hardline racist” President Donald Trump was accelerating the transformation, they said.

They must be reeling from a Morning Consult poll conducted last Friday which found Biden losing ground to Trump among suburban voters after four days of law-and-order messaging from the Republican National Convention. Before the convention, Biden held a 14-point lead in the suburbs over Trump at 54% to 40%. By Friday he lost 6 points while Trump gained 8 points at 50% to 42%.

Trump’s support among white voters jumped 6 points from 2 points earlier in the week. He now leads Biden by 8 points at 51% to 43%. Among white voters without a college degree, Trump leads 57% to 36%.

Pollsters surveyed 4,035 likely voters and had a 2-point margin of error, while the Aug. 23 poll of 4,810 likely voters had a 1-point margin of error.

The Trump campaign has seen a significant shift in key voting blocks with its messaging on public safety and law and order in swing states such as Wisconsin. Support among key demographic groups such as African American voters, suburban, female and independent voters are surging, according to several polls.

The scale of the destruction leftist anarchist protesters have unleashed on America’s suburbs since the May death of George Floyd in police custody is breathtaking.

Overnight several of the country’s once peaceful cities have been transformed into war zones while Democrats have seemingly thrown their constituents to the dogs. They now favor so called “peaceful protesters” over peaceful communities.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter have used Molotov cocktails and fireworks to torch these cities while attacking and injuring multiple police officers and civilians. They have burned and ransacked law enforcement vehicles. Several people, including police have been murdered.

The president has urged local Democratic leaders to crack down on the protesters, but they have done just the opposite. Governors, mayors and district attorneys have done everything possible to coddle the rioters, refusing to prosecute most of them after arrest. Instead they release them quickly from jail so they can return to the streets to wreak more havoc.

Democratic-Party-financed anarchists have looted, vandalized and burnt large swaths of Chicago’s downtown district, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Portland, Oregon, New York City, Seattle, Washington and now Kenosha, Wisconsin.

 Democratic Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian says the city will request $30 million in aid to help rebuild after several blocks of the city were looted and burned to the ground. The uptown neighborhood, where mostly black and Hispanic residents live, has been hardest hit.

 The Portland Business Alliance estimates that the city has suffered $23 million in damage and the figure keeps escalating as riots continue.

Minneapolis city leaders estimate it could take as long as 10 years to rebuild its popular business corridors damaged during the riot and losses are estimated at nearly $1 billion.

Some parts of these once beautiful cities are now resembling bombed out Beirut in 2006 instead of the bustling hubs of commercial activity they once were. Voters are blaming Democrats for the widespread rioting, looting and vandalism. Their recent attempts to shift blame to the president are not resonating.

 Most Americans now believe the protests are no longer about racial injustice and are now focused on dismantling civil society. The excuses and coverage blackouts of their media partners won’t be able to stave off the reckoning of voters at the polls.