Democrats fight to keep violent cities ‘safe’ from federal agents

Democratic leaders are unapologeticaly protecting leftist goons who are flooding into cities nationwide under the guise of protests while wreaking havoc with violence and destruction.

They want to cast the anarchists looting and vandalizing businesses and federal property as a mass movement against an embattled president who is turning on the citizenry with military force.

Desperate to get rid of President Donald Trump, they are openly instigating a civil war. They don’t care if they destroy black cities and destroy black livelihoods under the guise of protecting black lives after the death of George Floyd under the knee of a white police officer.

The playbook they are adopting in an all-out effort to win the election is dangerous to Americans and could disintegrate a nation already brutalized by the coronavirus pandemic. This game plan is only tangentially connected to police brutality. The bigger prize is the White House and Democrats are willing to incite angry black youth to destroy themselves and their cities for power.

Black supporters of the president are now caught in the crosshairs of the anarchists. Videographer Andrew Duncomb was knifed in the back last Saturday while filming footage of protests around Portland’s Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse. The blade entered his back between his rib cage and hip, mere inches from his spinal cord, and somehow missing vital organs. ‘I was stabbed for being a conservative journalist,’ he said.

Another well-known black Trump supporter, Bernell Tremmell, was murdered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last Thursday and residents in the area theorize that his political activism was the likely motive.

In Oakland, California on Tuesday, three days after rioters set fire to the Alameda County Courthouse, the city council approved a resolution to keep the city “safe from President Trump’s federal agents.” The city leaders vowed to take “all lawful means necessary to stop” Trump from sending in federal law enforcement.

“Federal agents have attacked and tear-gassed peaceful protesters, and camouflage-clad federal agents were observed grabbing peaceful protesters and throwing them into unmarked vehicles,” the resolution stated.

Atlanta state representative Vernon Jones condemned the violence after an 8-year old black girl was gunned down by protesters earlier this month. “Atlanta is not Minneapolis, Seattle, or St Louis. Atlanta and Georgia, we’re better than this. We will not tolerate killing innocent children, vandalizing public safety facilities, mob behavior in neighborhoods, or endangering any life, whether black, white, or police officers,” said Jones.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler have been attempting to blame the federal agents sent to the city under the president’s Operation Legend initiative for upsetting the “innocent” protesters, triggering them to commit acts of violence, even though the mayhem started 62 days ago.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf scoffed at the notion on Fox News Wednesday. “What we know is that the violence in Portland, specifically, was there well before DHS or law enforcement officials arrived in Portland,” Wolf observed. “The mayor, by his own words, declared that the city was under violence for more than a month before we got there, so this idea that we have somehow incited violence, the idea that enforcing federal law incites violence, is absolutely backward and I don’t understand that.”

As long as protesters are burning their own cities, that’s OK with Democrats. They don’t need any federal agents interfering. Let the cities burn.