Democrats evade blame for coronavirus-seeding protests

While Democrats continue to encourage thousands of protesters to gather daily to tear down statues and push to defund the police, they have cleverly disguised another payoff — the seeding of the summer wave of coronavirus.

“There are likely a number of causes for the spike in infections cases,” President Donald Trump told reporters Thursday at the White House pandemic press briefing. “Cases started to rise among young Americans shortly after demonstrations, which you know very well about, which presumably triggered a broader relaxation of mitigation efforts nationwide.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared on MSNBC’s The ReidOut Thursday to blame the president for the uptick in cases and deaths, saying “the Trump virus” was rolling like “a freight train through the country.”

“Let me say this president has been the biggest failure practically in the history of our country. A pandemic that is rolling. Trump virus I call it, it’s rolling like a freight train. It took nearly 100 days, just about 100 days to get the first 1 million. Just under 50 days to get to the second million, just over 25 days to get to the third million and now, just, what, 14, 17 days to get to the 4 million mark of people infected,” said Pelosi.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was forced to admit earlier this month that the recent protests and mass demonstrations in Los Angeles did lead to a spike in coronavirus cases after courageous, apolitical and professional public health officials in the state refused to engage in a cover-up.

Director of Public Health Dr. Barbara Ferrer told the mayor she believed some of the spread did come from the protests. A surge of new cases and hospitalizations increased 56% by the first week of July following weeks of protests. Los Angeles County recorded the largest one-day number of new infections since the pandemic began, with over 100,000 new infections.

“In situations where people are close together for longer periods of time, and it’s very crowded, we are certain that there is going to be spread,” Dr. Ferrer said.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp also tied the exploding growth of COVID-19 cases in the state to the protests at a press briefing last Friday.

“We were open for two months before this latest rise, and if you look at when it started — I think there’s several reasons for that. Number one is the demonstrations,” Kemp said.

Data from the Georgia Department of Public Health shows a noticeable uptick in COVID-19 cases around the end of June, one month into the protests.

Other public health officials are clearly ignoring the science-based causes of the spread to give cover to Democrats and the protesters who enjoy watching the coronavirus numbers climb as the pandemic imperils the Trump presidency. They claim there is little evidence that the protests spread the virus in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington and other cities because they took place outdoors, where the virus spreads less easily, and “most” participants wore face masks.

Thousands of pictures from these protests tell a different story, showing very little social distancing and many protesters without masks. These so-called experts ought to know that any mass gathering poses a risk of increased transmission of COVID-19. Apparently science no longer applies to Democrats.