Democrats double down with war of attrition

When the Steele dossier filled with lies failed to take down President Donald Trump in 2017, Democrats immediately forged ahead, successfully lobbying for an investigation into Russian collusion with his campaign.

 Trump and his associates, they claim, were conspiring with Russia to win the 2016 election. It blew up in their faces when former special counsel Robert Muller could not find any evidence to support their claims.

They threw their efforts into forcing him to publicly testify, thinking that would revive their hoax, but that stunt failed spectacularly when the aged former special counsel was clueless about his own investigation.

 Undeterred Democrats marshaled all their troops for their next grand scheme, impeachment. They unveiled a brand new collusion theory. Trump was threatening to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless they supplied him with dirt on his political rival, former vice president Joe Biden so they could help him win the 2020 election.

This new rouse has also turned out to be a boondoggle after phone records revealed he did not use aid as a quid pro quo and it was released in September without any probe of Biden.

Many Americans have examined the case they presented and quietly support Trump’s view that he was in fact making sure that Ukraine complied with promises to eradicate corruption, including suspicions surrounding Biden and his son Hunter, who landed a cushy job on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma without any background in the industry.

 A prosecutor who was looking into corruption at the company was subsequently fired under pressure from his powerful father. Voters see possible malfeasance in the smoke of disinformation pumped out by Democrats and suspect there is fire.

 Democrats just can’t find a crime to weaponize to convince enough voters they should eradicate Trump a year from the election.

 Will they give up their quest to get rid of their political Achilles heel? No way. They got away with spying on the Trump campaign using FISA warrants, so now they are once again spying using phone records. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) reportedly obtained 3,500 pages of phone records, using a secret subpoena.

They include calls between ranking committee member Devin Nunes (D-CA) and Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. They also include calls between Nunes and Giuliani associate Lev Parnas and journalist John Solomon. Solomon has become a target of Democrats for pursuing investigations into their ties with Ukrainians.

They are also reviving the Russia investigation with plans to include unproven claims of obstruction from the Mueller report into their articles of impeachment. They are hell bent on giving legitimacy and credibility to a number of hoaxes that have failed.

 Even if the Senate fails to convict Trump, they hope that just having impeachment swirling around the president will be enough to depress his poll numbers and destroy his public image. That scheme seems to be failing after they rendered impeachment meaningless by failing to produce an actual crime.

The Rasmussen daily tracking poll released Thursday showed that 52% of likely U.S. voters approve of his job performance while 47% disapprove. The figures show 38% strongly approve of his job performance while only 40% strongly disapprove.

An average of polls by FiveThirtyEight on Friday shows support for impeaching the president has dropped to 46.8% from 48.4% on Oct. 22. Opposition to impeachment has increased to 44.5% from 43.4% on Oct. 22.

Many moderate Democrats are terrified to speak out publicly, but one anonymously told CNN Friday: “I would say, look, I am concerned about not knowing what the articles will have in them. I am concerned about the timeline of this whole impeachment process. For me, right now, I am struggling to see how the evidence supports impeachment at this point.”

 It turns out that bandying impeachment around with baseless, concocted evidence will simply boost the president’s popularity. In other words it has the opposite effect, but House lawmakers hope they can beat us down if they keep doubling down.

Democrats who face reelection in swing states that Trump won have been tied to the back of their getaway truck and are begging to be let off this crazy ride.