Biden gloats over polling lead as he runs out clock

Democrats are quietly smirking as they look at election polls that predict their presidential candidate will coast to victory in November, and he doesn’t even have to leave his basement.

A Firehouse Strategies-Optimus poll released Wednesday showed presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with a whopping 11-point lead over President Donald Trump as the November election looms.

Biden garnered 54 percent support from respondents while Trump only got 43 percent support. He had gained 3 points since March when he led 51 percent to 43 percent. 

The poll reflected a trend also seen in the Quinnipiac University survey released last week which also showed Biden with an 11-point lead.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld quipped last Saturday, “We’ve got to hand it to the Dems. Only they would have the stones to run a candidate chained to his radiator in the basement who talks like a ten-year-old recapping the plot to his favorite movie.”

The feeble 77-year-old presidential candidate ventured out on Memorial Day, the first time since March 10. He attended a tightly-coordinated event staged by his aides to present a wreath of white roses at Delaware’s War Memorial Plaza. He observed a moment of silence to commemorate the soldiers who fought in World War Two and the Korean War.

He couldn’t hide his unsteadiness as he directed his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, to enter the limousine from the opposite side as they prepared to leave.

He also sat down for a rare in-person interview with CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash at his home outside Wilmington, Delaware on Tuesday as they sat six feet apart. He trumpeted his basement campaign strategy claiming “it’s working pretty well.”

“All this stuff about ‘Biden’s hidin,’ well, you know, the fact of the matter is, it’s working pretty well so far, doing the rules,” the former vice president said.

“He’s behind in almost every — every state,” he said of his rival, while acknowledging poll numbers could change between now and the November election.

Last Friday Breakfast Club host Charlemagne Tha God confronted Biden about being “MIA during this global pandemic.”

“So, I’m wondering how you’re going to energize people and win a campaign from the house?” he asked.

“Well, I tell you what I’m doing, I’m following the rules, man,” said Biden. “Number one, I’m keeping the rules. My governor says he doesn’t want us out. I haven’t been out. I wear my mask. I have a mask. I got Secret Service outside. I walk outside, I have it on. They get tested,” he noted.

“And by the way, I’m beating them across the board — 160 million people have watched me so far on shows like yours. All the stuff about is hurting me is not hurting me. I’m winning at all those states. I’m ahead in all the national polls and the more he talks, the better off I am,” he gloated.

“We know polls can be illusions though. We looked at all the polls in 2016, too, and look what happened,” Charlemagne warned.

“Totally different, man — 2016 is totally different. What you had then is you had somebody who they didn’t know at all. They wanted to just change the system the way it was. He was the biggest change. He had no serious opposition that turned out to materialize and so it’s totally different,” Biden contended.

In 2016, with 75 days to go until election day, polls were showing former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a commanding lead over Trump in both national and battleground state polls. She was busy attending star-studded mansion fundraisers in Martha’s Vineyard, Los Angeles and Laguna Beach.

 She spent the summer and fall largely out of sight, confident she could ignore her raging email controversy and still be on track to become the nation’s first female president. Biden is just as cocky as she was.