Democratic establishment normalizes voter fraud: Nothing to see here

Democrats are busy reinventing voter fraud, just like their “peaceful protests,” many of which were really violent riots. They are now referring to suspected irregularities as “minor ballot processing” issues.

The Democratic establishment, including the major news networks, elected officials, tainted judges and allied groups are scoffing at accusations of cheating at the ballot box in states controlled by them.

Why shouldn’t they? President Donald Trump’s campaign has had multiple cases thrown out in some of the states where a lot of chicanery has been observed: Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan.

His campaign lost six cases filed in two counties in Pennsylvania requesting that 9,000 absentee ballots be thrown out. The law firm spearheading the legal challenges in Pennsylvania also dropped out.

The disheartening losses mounted when Trump’s legal team in Arizona dropped a lawsuit seeking a review by hand of all ballots, after finding that Democratic rival Joe Biden’s margin of victory in the state could not be overcome.

Two poll-watchers in Michigan also lost their case to stop the certification of votes in Wayne County, including Detroit, after a judge rejected their allegations of fraud documented in sworn affidavits. These losses only fuel the media storylines discrediting Trump’s allegations of widespread voter fraud.

The president’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani explained on New York affiliate Fox 5 Monday, the campaign has won some process victories and lost some.

He addressed people who are saying the lawsuits are not showing anything, arguing the allegations of fraud haven’t been presented in court yet.

“They are just allegations at this point, Giuliani said. “These lawsuits haven’t gone to court yet! If the allegations in the lawsuits were true, he would be president now!”

Giuliani said the team has 500 affidavits alleging irregularities. “In Detroit there are 40 affidavits, including from Democrats, saying the center at the Cobalt Arena hall was a disaster,” he explained.

“Basically, no Republican was allowed to oversee any counting, so we have no idea if the mail-in ballots were legitimate or illegitimate. The law requires that you have a Republican overseer as well as a Democrat. Both of them get a chance to see the ballot. It’s the only way you can tell if the mail-in ballot is legal, and the law required it because this is a very strange thing to do, and they completely threw the Republicans out.

 “We have 29 affidavits from the 29 people who were thrown out, he continued. “The person who was in charge of it was a lawyer — a very distinguished lawyer. Nobody was lying. They are all telling the truth. We even have pictures of it. That alone would disqualify about three to four hundred thousand ballots in the state of Michigan.”

 “We also have evidence from two people under oath that at 4 o’clock in the morning one hundred thousand ballots arrived — completely unexpected — from cars with out of state licenses and they were counted and they were all for Biden,” he added. “Now how do you not present that to a court? That’s the evidence that we have. I’m not making that up.”

“In Pennsylvania, it’s very, very simple. In Philadelphia, Republicans were excluded from watching the count of about three hundred thousand ballots, Giuliani said. “They could be phony ballots. They could be ballots from all the same person … The reason you have a review process is to avoid that. According to the law in Pennsylvania and Michigan, a ballot like that is null and void. It is an invalid ballot. Also in Michigan it’s a felony to do that.”  Giuliani also said the allegations in Georgia, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona were similar.

Tim Murtaugh, Director of Communications for the campaign, said a lawsuit in Pennsylvania challenging 682,479 mail-in and absentee ballots that were counted in secret is ongoing after the complaint was amended.

In a Monday statement, he said the campaign “strategically decided to restructure its lawsuit to rely on claims of violations of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

“Our poll watchers were denied meaningful access to watch the vote counting and we still incorporate that claim in our complaint,” Murtaugh said.