Deep State racks up wins in shadow of impeachment

While impeachment consumes Congress the forces of Resistance who are under investigation are quietly fighting to maintain the status quo and evade prosecution.

Two very disturbing developments out of the FBI and Justice Department are not garnering many headlines. President Donald Trump’s toxic former Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the Russia investigation, appointed U.S. Attorney John Huber to look into allegations of impropriety at the Clinton Foundation.

He was also expected to probe former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, when the U.S. government decided not to block the sale of a company called Uranium One to Russian interests.

The probe of the enterprise run by former President Bill Clinton and his wife, a former rival of Trump, ended without prosecutions or any real effort at investigation.

How the Utah-based out-of-sight-out-of-mind Huber was expected to conduct a credible investigation so far away from Washington led to suspicions that he was just a distraction and placeholder.

The FISA Court investigation also ended with a whimper and no prosecutions. Instead, the perpetrators of fraud on the court also managed to escape law enforcement action.

A report produced by Inspector General Michael Horowitz found “significant” errors and omissions in the FBI’s applications to surveil former Trump Campaign official Carter Page, but mysteriously no crimes.

The FISA warrant obtained by FBI officials enabled hostile actors inside the agency to surveil virtually the entire political campaign of the president. The report released Dec. 9, 2019, identified 17 errors and omissions the FBI made in its four applications to surveil Page. The IG also said the FBI was unable to corroborate allegations that Page was a Russian agent.

The report accused FBI agents of willfully withholding exculpatory information related to Page, and information that was damaging to the credibility of former British spy Christopher Steele, who implicated Page as a Russian asset.

Horowitz handed out pats on the wrist to the skullduggers who were plotting to derail Trump’s campaign while carting off multiple associates and campaign officials to jail.

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) Judge Rosemary Collyer politely ordered the FBI on Dec. 19 to come up with a plan to address the failures laid out in the IG report, after accusing the FBI of making “false” and “misleading” statements in their applications.

Judge James Boasberg, who presides over the FISC, tapped David S. Kris on Friday to serve as an amicus curiae. The former assistant attorney general for national security in the Obama administration’s Justice Department will assist the FISC by overseeing the FBI’s surveillance reforms to ensure that it complies with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Wow. Sure he will!

 Kris has earned a reputation for his staunch defense of the FBI’s activities during the Trump-Russia probe, making him a perfect Deep State watchman and gatekeeper of the status quo. He downplayed Republicans’ concerns that the FBI misled the FISC in order to obtain wiretap warrants on Page on the Rachel Maddow show in 2018. He was also a vocal critic of Republicans like Devin Nunes of California who suggested the FBI misled the surveillance court in its applications to wiretap Page.

He tweeted frequently that “walls” were “closing in” on the president, echoing the famous mantra of numerous anti-Trump cable news network hosts during the Russia probe. He also published an essay on March 1, 2018 confirming that he agreed with the FBI’s assessment that Page was a Russian agent.

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows told journalist Sara Carter on Monday that congressional Republicans plan to appeal to the FISC over its choice of Kris to oversee the FBI’s surveillance reforms.

“I can tell you that a few of us, are not only appealing this to the judge who has now taken over the FISA process but we are also looking at this when it comes to renewing the FISA process within Congress,” said the North Carolina Republican.

There has been much anguish and disappointment over the conduct of investigations of coup plotters under the Trump era Justice Department and FBI. These are not the outcomes many had hoped for, but it serves to confirm the enduring life of the Deep State.