Deep State conspiracy to control Trump’s DOJ fails

The last thing the Deep State wants is President Donald Trump’s tentacles on a Department of Justice that they had administered like the Russian KGB under former president Barack Obama.

They knew once Trump won the 2016 election the jig was up. They also knew that the email investigation of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton raised red flags that something was amiss at the FBI and DoJ. They needed to keep the man who threatened to ‘lock her up’ as far away from these institutions as possible. They wanted these departments to remain ungovernable.

Placing him and his campaign officials under criminal investigation was the perfect ruse. They could stop Trump from poking around by claiming he was obstructing justice, pursuing political vendettas and improperly investigating political rivals.

They could also investigate his newly assigned attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and force him to recuse himself while appointing one of their inner circle to act in his capacity. They could drag out the criminal investigation for Trump’s entire presidency if they played their cards right.

This latest eruption from career officials inside the DoJ calling for Attorney General William Barr to resign while telling Trump to back off and stop tweeting is just another diversion.

Trump retweeted several posts from Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton Wednesday asserting that the president “has a positive constitutional obligation to speak up about DOJ corruption.”

He asserted that the “Obama gang interfered in Russia election interference investigation to protect Obama’s emails while crookedly spying on @realdonaldtrump. Again the Clinton email scandal cover-up is as much about protecting Obama as it is about protecting Clinton,” Fitton continued.

“[The Deep State] is concerned that AG Barr might do the right thing and they are desperate to do everything to stop him from prosecuting the criminal gangs that targeted @realDonaldTrump and other innocent Americans,” he tweeted.

When Robert Mueller III was assigned as special counsel to investigate dubious claims that Trump colluded with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election, it soon became clear this was a Deep State operation.

Some journalists were asking questions in the beginning like, why was he hiring so many lawyers who were Democrat-leaning or sympathetic to, or affiliated with, Hillary Clinton?

Then shocking news slowly leaked out about the dossier, written by former British spy Christopher Steele, which contained the allegations against Trump. It was financed by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, despite earlier denials. It was used to obtain a warrant to spy on campaign adviser Carter Page and launch the investigation.

 The public watched as the probe targeted Trump, his family and associates. Indictments were being handed out in rapid succession to people affiliated with the president, but somehow no Democrats or their associates and sympathizers were being charged.

After a year no evidence had surfaced linking Trump to any Russian collusion so the public kept waiting, hoping the whole fiasco would shut down. There were even assurances in the media that it was winding up. More made-for-TV spectacles would follow in which a Trump associate was being dragged out of his house at gunpoint and hauled off to prison.

The probe dragged on through the midterms harming Republican chances of holding on to the House. They lost to the Democrats. Finally Trump unloaded his attorney general Jeff Sessions and replaced him with William Barr.

Two-and-a-half years after the investigation began The Mueller report was finally released and there were no charges of collusion or obstruction, but that has not stopped Trump’s enemies from pursuing their political vendetta against the president. They even went as far as to impeach him over a phone call.

Trump has refused to back down in the face of this administrative insurgency and his Twitter feed is his screed.  ‘I’m actually, I guess, the chief law enforcement officer of the country,’ he told reporters on Tuesday.

  No one will stop the president from completing the task voters assigned him to do. He will drain the swamp one way or another.