Damning impeachment poll shows support sliding to 42%

The country is days away from what has been billed as President Donald Trump’s ‘historic’ impeachment but many voters around the country simply don’t care.

Democrats might as well take their newly-released 658-page report from the House Judiciary Committee and flush it. It’s only filled with smears, not evidence of wrongdoing. They would not hesitate to include those crimes in the articles of impeachment, not this so-called ‘supplement.’

Americans who are not addicted to hating the president have found creative ways to adapt to the constant rage and screaming about the ‘criminal’ in the White House, Russia, Ukraine and impeachment from every television, newspaper and personal electronic device.

Off buttons have become indispensable as they soldier through the third year of the mass media onslaught of anti-Trump disinformation and propaganda.

While deranged enemies of the president snuggle under blankets with bowls of popcorn, obsessively watching the latest reports of his looming demise, everyday Americans are hanging Christmas lights, decorating trees, donating toys and gathering with their faith communities during the holiday season.

People are simply discounting the opinions of clearly biased and borderline insane media blowhards and substituting their own common sense and judgement. They know the investigations of Trump have been rigged, just like the articles of impeachment.

A new CBS News/YouGov poll released on Sunday finds public support for Trump’s impeachment and removal continues to slip and now hovers around 42 per cent. The poll, conducted December 11-13, shows the exact same percentage of respondents are against it.

Of the more than 4,500 Americans polled, 22 per cent said the Senate should not convict him and another 20 per cent feel the Senate should not even hold the trial.

Voters are raining money on the Trump campaign, which raised $10 million in the same week House Democrats advanced two articles of impeachment, according to Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives has nothing better to do than deliver impeachment to voters’ doorsteps in the middle of Christmas. Many of their districts are overrun with homeless and poor constituents who need help and good cheer.

Many of them have run out of patience with their Democratic members of Congress who refuse to use their time more productively and are now turning a deaf ear to voters who have been urging them to put an end to this lost cause and move on.

Trump has been working for the American people since he has been in office. The sudden flurry of legislation from House Democrats to bookend impeachment is nakedly self-serving.

Voters realize that the Democrats are corrupt, amoral political hatchet men who are only motivated by their obsession with power. They are simply carrying out a long preplanned mission. Their constituents are just pawns on a chessboard. Their congressmen are simply feigning concern about their lives, but their ultimate goal is winning coveted congressional seats and the White House by whatever means necessary for their own personal aggrandizement.

Democrats’ greatest fear is not a second term of Trump, but the boomerang effect of their multiple criminal probes. They fear the evidence he will be in a powerful position to uncover about them after all their corrupt efforts have failed to remove him.  The FISA investigation has only unearthed proof of malfeasance from Democrats, not Trump, but you would never know that if you only listen to the media.

He will keep tearing the shrouds off their cover-ups and draining the swamp and they will keep pulling out all the stops to derail him.