‘Clown car vagina’ feminists squirt ugly smears on Amy Coney Barrett

The feminists who reared their smarmy heads on Twitter on the first day of Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett clearly lack good old-fashioned home training.

If these potty-mouthed swamp creatures were raised by mothers like Barrett they would have been taught the golden rule: If you can’t say something nice, just shut up.

Feminist author Lauren Hough tweeted Monday, “It’s a very weird thing to watch these old creeps congratulate a handmaid on her clown car vagina.”

It was the perfect way to describe Hough and the other feminists who immediately jumped into her spacious ride, tweeting insults about the mother of seven.

Apparently the Berlin-born author’s description of Barrett’s lady parts drew a firestorm, offending a Twitter user in Germany which led to an investigation. She posted a purported response Thursday which claimed Twitter exonerated her of any offenses.

“We have investigated the reported content and could not identify any violations of the Twitter rules or German law. Accordingly we are not taking any action at this time.”

Hough celebrated tweeting, “Vagina is still legal in Germany.”

The Twitterati didn’t report her even more detailed review on Barrett’s gynecological examination.

“You can tell a lot about how a judge will rule by her fertility so I’m glad she’s already proven hers because the cervix check really shouldn’t be done live,” Hough noted. “But I’m excited for her to share her casserole recipe and some stain-removal tips.”

It made her follow-up tweet Tuesday even more puzzling: “Does anyone know if Amy Coney Barrett has kids or a family?” The deranged writer added: “This f*cking sham where everyone pretends the entire point of Amy Coney Barrett isn’t to overturn Roe, Casey, Obergefell, and knock down the ACA. But she has nice kids lovely super good mom nice kids they’re so well behaved do you recommend spanking haha kidding good mom.”

Feminist author and Washington Post contributor Jill Filipovic spewed even more germs onto the smear-fest, tweeting Wednesday: This whole disingenuous spectacle is so frustrating. Do you really think Republicans would be going so hard for Barrett if they truly had absolutely no clue on how she would rule on abortion, the ACA, voting rights, and gay rights?”

She complained that Barrett “signed a letter saying that Roe should no longer stand. There is one single institution that has the ability to determine whether Roe continues to stand, and she’s about to be appointed to it. We know her feelings, personal and legal.”

Author, activist and media critic Soraya Chemaly wrote Monday: “The GOP trotting out ACB as a support of women’s power is beyond disingenuous. She’s a prototypical “exceptional woman” of gender ideology. If you considered only GOP women in office, US would rank ~130th globally for women’s representation, like hybrid authoritarian regimes.”

Chemaly advocated for the butchering of viable foetuses last year tweeting: “1.3% of abortions are post-21 wks, almost all in difficult circumstances, yet anti-women’s rights activists are using “abortion until birth,” as political frame, depicting women as selfish, cruel. Politicians need to clearly reject this dangerous rhetoric.”

The militant feminazi proudly posted a link to an article Thursday on “the power of adolescent girls and young women” with the headline: “GIRLS ARE RUNNING THE WORLD – LET’S KEEP IT THAT WAY.”