Blacks were winning in Trump’s America so Democrats had to destroy it

Black Americans were thriving under President Donald Trump before a pandemic he had no control over sucker-punched the economy.

 He was winning praise from the community for his economic policies, criminal justice reform, and his support for historically black colleges.

 Under his policies black Americans were achieving unprecedented success. Black unemployment dropped to historically low levels and economically-distressed communities raised $75 million in investments in newly created opportunity zones.

 Democrats are now intentionally destroying millions of jobs in black cities they control by turning looters and rioters loose. These well-financed anarchists, without restraint from Democratic prosecutors and sidelined law enforcement, are free to assault and murder so Democrats can sell voters their new messaging that this is “Trump’s America.”

The looting has destroyed the local businesses and economies of major Democratically-controlled cities that were already hit hard by the pandemic.

They are unapologetically protecting leftist members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa who are flooding into cities nationwide under the guise of protests while wreaking havoc with violence and destruction.

Desperate to get rid of Trump, they are openly instigating a civil war. They are destroying black cities and black livelihoods under the guise of protecting black lives.

They are calling the violence a great black uprising to root out systemic racism and white supremacy, but how does this compute in all these cities controlled by black Democratic leaders, like Chicago? The looters targeted a number of high-end shops earlier this month, but also hurt many smaller, family-run businesses. 

Janel Jackson, co-owner of a store on Michigan Avenue told the Daily Sun Post, “Please be mindful of people like me: black-owned small businesses who are being impacted by the looting. There’s a domino effect and just like you’re hurting the Gucci store, it hurts us too.”

Good luck expecting mindfulness from criminals who are using political unrest to enrich themselves. They are not the least bit concerned about who they target, contrary to their ‘get whitey’ mantra. They just want to loot.

Unortunately for Democrats their White House game plan is disintegrating right before their eyes. Washington Post White House Bureau Chief Phillip Rucker told MSNBC’s Geoff Bennett Monday fear is gripping Democrats as they see support softening for  their presidential nominee Joe Biden in upper Midwestern states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota.

“There is concern there that these images and that this law and order message from the president is working to start to pry away some of those white voters. I was talking to Congresswoman Debbie Dingell the other day. She represents a suburban Detroit district. She said, she drives around her district and she has seen a lot of Blue Lives Matter signs popping up in suburban neighborhoods and that’s given her serious pause and she’s been communicating that with the Biden campaign.”

Biden didn’t condemn the riots raging since May until last Sunday. He issued a half-hearted, meaningless and largely ignored statement criticizing “the incitement of hate and resentment that led to this deadly clash.”

“Shooting in the streets of a great American city is unacceptable,” Biden said. “I condemn this violence unequivocally. I condemn violence of every kind by any one, whether on the left or the right.”

Since then, the riots and violence have escalated. BLM is now openly attacking the White House. On the final night of the Republican National convention the rioters targeted members of Congress with the tacit approval of Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, who provided no police protection.

Six police officers were hospitalized as they rushed in to protect attendees who were assaulted and accosted by a large crowd of demonstrators as they left the White House last Thursday night. 

Hundreds of protesters also clashed with police late Saturday night into Sunday, just one day after the March on Washington at the recently renamed ‘Black Lives Matter Plaza.’ 

Voters are no longer sold on Democrats’ “national reckoning on race” accompanied by anti-white racism, anti-police and anti-government messaging. Polls are now showing a surge in support for the president’s reelection in the black community. Their minions in the media won’t be able to stop Trump as he marches toward a second term.