Biden has tighter grip on Democratic nomination than his teeth

Viewers were enthralled by the comedy of errors that was the third Democratic presidential debate on Thursday, but no one was expecting the fall out that ensued.

It’s hysterical when you watch late night comedians superimpose a moving mouth telling jokes on a famous person’s face, but this imagery does not play well in the middle of a serious television event showcasing the top ten candidates for president.

Frontrunner for the nomination Joe Biden was answering a question about his position on gun control when his mouth started doing a strange dance.

It turns out the septuagenarian’s dentures had slipped out of place and he was struggling to prevent them from falling out entirely. Now that would have been a spectacle in the midst of an otherwise ho-hum debate. The incident highlighted the importance of using high quality denture glue.

Talk show host Mark Levin expressed his sympathies on Friday: “Poor guy, his false teeth were falling out of his mouth during the debate… I started to get nervous. I hope nothing else on his body’s false, and it doesn’t just start falling apart — just a thought — false teeth false hair, false mind.”

Biden has proven he has more staying power than his dentures. Most reviewers came to the consensus that Biden solidified his status as the front runner simply by accomplishing the admirable feat of not falling over, considering how many verbal mishaps he had during the three-hour stint.

 He dodges reporters’ questions about his age with quips like, “You wanna wrestle?” It also helps that Bernie Sanders, running in third place, would be 79 on Inauguration Day in 2021, becoming the oldest president in U.S. history. Joe’s closest challenger, Elizabeth Warren, would be 71, the oldest newly inaugurated first-term president, surpassing President Donald Trump, who took office at 70.

Voters are also truly terrified of the rest of the top tier candidates, who have struggled with persistent, low polling numbers. They have taken extreme positions on immigration, abortion, healthcare, the economy and climate change. Biden has adopted some of the more moderate policy positions of all the candidates.

 Biden has strategically held a tight grip on the African American voting block by virtually gluing himself to former President Barack Obama. On the day of the debate he unfurled a brand new ad campaign effusively praising the former president.

Obama is America’s most popular Democrat and despite being virtually shunned by the 44th president Joe mentions him regularly on the campaign trail, speaking proudly of the “Obama-Biden” legacy.

His eight years of loyal service as Obama’s vice president and right-hand man have endeared him to members of the African American community. His candidacy has been built on that legacy and the wealth of experience he gained in domestic and foreign policy at home and on the international stage during that era. His 2020 platform is based on what he considers to be the greatest accomplishments of the Obama administration.

He has several personal attributes that are buttressing his frontrunner status. He is the most moderate in temperament, giving him that likability factor. Lunch Bucket Joe, as he is affectionately known, has that affable, aw-shucks, grandfatherly manner and has skated by the other candidates, even though he has racked up some of the most outrageous gaffes of any frontrunner in history.

New York Times opinion writer Christopher Buskirk argued Friday, “Democrats think he is purpose built to win those three key states (Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin). That’s why Mr. Biden didn’t have to win Thursday night’s debate outright. He just had to avoid disaster, show some signs of life and allow his supporters to continue in the belief that they can cover up his frequent gaffes and the inescapable effects of age and carry him to victory on a combination of a prodigious shower of campaign cash and a media establishment desperate to be rid of Mr. Trump.”

All this love is great for Uncle Joe. He stands a good chance of winning the Democratic nomination for president, even though he is watching Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren in his rear view mirror.

Many observers still think the winner of the debates is Trump. He is currently riding a wave of good tidings based on some the most outstanding economic numbers in decades. Joe had better have the stamina to fight on his turf.