ABC’s bitter Jonathan Karl trashes Trump’s chances of re-election

ABC World News Tonight could not resist mentioning impeachment and President Donald Trump in the same sentence on Monday evening’s newscast after his acquittal almost a week ago.

Anchor David Muir noted that the president “is coming off two victories, his acquittal in the impeachment trial and, of course, those new numbers on jobs and the economy.”

He then cuts to Trump cynic Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl, wearing a look of utter contempt and disdain, if not revulsion.

“David, Trump supporters are as energized as they’ve ever been,” says Karl. “People started waiting up to get in here, waiting in line yesterday, spending all night out in that cold, rain and snow. We may be seeing the high-water mark of the Trump presidency. You mentioned the impeachment trial is over, the Russia investigation is over, the economy is strong, and the Democrats seem to be in disarray.”

This is when Karl takes a deep dive into lunacy: “But if this is the high-water mark for the Trump presidency it’s only so high. The Gallup poll, his approval rating is 49 percent, its highest ever. But that’s still less than half the country. Trump will have a tough battle for re-election no matter who the Democrats nominate. And trust me, his campaign knows it. David.”

Karl pointed out a litany of woes plaguing the Democratic Party against a backdrop of thousands of energized Trump supporters clearly stoked by optimism about the economy and their future, but chose to conclude that somehow, Trump and his campaign knows they are in a ‘tough battle.’

He downplayed Trump’s clear electoral advantages while noting, “This rally is in an arena that I was at just two nights ago — Saturday night at an event that included ALL of the major Democrat candidates and we have a bigger crowd by far just for Donald Trump than we had on Saturday for all of the Democrats.”

Why is Karl choosing to discount last week’s chaotic Iowa caucuses, which left Democrats in the dark for days, unable to declare a winner because of glitches, and communication breakdowns?

 Why isn’t he focused on the battle to find a Democratic nominee that is still dragging on with no end in sight? Former South Bend Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg and Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are still battling for first place in caucuses and primaries around the country while former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg emerges as a dark horse.

Karl is expressing an uncanny optimism about Democrats’ chances of winning while party strategists around the country are on the fainting couch watching a crop of extreme, far-left candidates race to the bottom.

Veteran political consultant James Carville told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Monday, “I’ll say this just as clearly and directly as I can. The only thing, the only thing between the United States and the abyss is the Democratic Party. That’s it. If we go the way of the British Labour Party, if we nominate Jeremy Corbyn, it’s going to be the end of days … so I’m scared to death.”

Carville clearly sees that the president is riding a wave of momentum that Democrats lack, noting he was “afraid that [President] Donald Trump is going to get re-elected and I have to do this four more years and I don’t think we can make it.”

CNN Commentator Van Jones has been hitting the panic button for weeks, sensing Trump is making inroads with African American voters that could be lethal to the Democrats’ chances of winning.

 “What he was saying to African-Americans can be effective,” Jones told a CNN panel after Trump’s State of the Union address last Tuesday. “You may not like it but he mentioned HBCUs [Historic Black Colleges and Universities]: black colleges have been struggling for a long time, a bunch of them have gone under. He threw a lifeline to them in real life in his budget. He talked about this. He talked about criminal justice reform. He talked about Opportunity Zones.”

Just four days earlier in ABC’s post Democratic debate analysis, Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz asked Karl, “Who do you think stood out most in terms of going after Donald Trump?”

He noted that early in the Democratic primaries the Trump team was worried about Joe Biden, but “that is not the case anymore.”

 “I don’t think there was anybody, based on tonight’s performance, that has the Trump campaign quaking in their boots,” Karl said.

 Karl, who is also president of the White House Correspondents Association, has clashed frequently with Trump who once accused him of “one-sided reporting.” He is currently promoting his upcoming book Front Row at the Trump Show and was one of the biggest cheerleaders for Trump’s impeachment.

He appeared on ABC’s The View in September at the height of the inquiry, telling the panel: “And you have what the president himself has already acknowledged, which is even if there was no quid pro quo, even if he wasn’t holding that aid over the head of the president of Ukraine, merely bringing up your political opponent in a conversation with a newly elected president, any president of a foreign country, is going to be seen as problematic.” He also claimed that there is “no evidence of corruption” regarding former vice president Joe Biden, his son Hunter and Ukraine.

It must be difficult for Karl to admit the obvious after all he and his media cohorts have done to destroy the president. Trump is on an almost unstoppable trajectory toward re-election.